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Corfu: Cape Drastis and Peroulades

We leave after breakfast and decide to make another attempt to take a walk from our walking guide, although we had twice a less good experience.

We suspect that the hiking trails have not been running smoothly by tourists for over a year, due to corona, and were therefore overgrown and closed.

We drive to Sidari and park at Alexis restaurant. About 30 m before that, the walk starts, which is marked in blue for a large part.

It's a lot of searching again, but we'll find everything back this time.

We walk through ancient olive groves and have beautiful views of the Ionian Sea and the cliffs at Drastis.



The walk runs with a lot of ascending and descending and takes us to the cliffs of Drastis, where we descend all the way to the natural bay that has worn out the water in the porous rocks. A beautiful picnic spot.


After our picnic, we leave back upstairs. However, we don't walk back to the car a few miles back, but decide to walk along the way to the next coastal town. That's Peroulades. It's not touristy at all, but here too we have beautiful views of the chalk cliffs.


A hip beach bar with few tourists is an ideal place to have a refreshing drink. We have a magnificent view. Swings are ready, overlooking the sea. At the very point of the rock there is a glass outburst, where we stand above the cliff.

It was a beautiful day, with lots of beautiful spots. We'll close in a seafood restaurant near our holiday home, after we refresh ourselves. The fish can't be fresher.

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