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Eremitis beach, a recent design by mother nature.

Erimitis beach of Erimitis bay is a recent design of nature. This is our goal, although we need to talk about it.

We leave east of Paxos Island. Erimitis beach is west.
It's just a few miles away, but in the middle of the island there are hills, which we have to cross.

We put on our sturdy step shoes and leave after breakfast.
It's pretty hot, so we're barely 100 m far away when sweat is already gutting off our body.

Along the way we pass beaches that are deserted so early.


But that's the easy part.
Soon we hit a former goat path, which means that, like the mountain goats, we have to go up.
And if it goes up here, it's in the literal sense of the word ! 

We pass deserted, collapsed villages.


Olive trees that look centuries old stand on the flanks of the hills.

We're waived by the heat and the slope of the trails.
When we finally get across the hills, a very steep descent starts.
I feel it in my knees and hope it's all worth it.

And then, finally, we see a signpost.
Erimitis beach has been formed by nature quite recently.
In 2007, a spectacular landslide caused a cliff collapse on the west side of the small island.
The collapse led to the formation of a new bay, which can only be reached on foot by following a strong descending path that transforms here and there into a kind of staircase with uneven rocky steps.


In the photo you can clearly see the collapse in the middle. The rough boulders are still there.

We descend further down to the very bottom, where a natural pebble beach was formed.


How many shades of blue do you want ? The wind comes from the sea and cools. As a result, the waves pound like in a natural wave pool on the rocks scattered here and there.

A perfect place for our picnic.


We'll stay there an hour before we get back to the climb over the hills.

To give you a picture: on the right picture I am at the bottom of the so-called staircase.

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