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Getting to Glasgow - Day 2

In the 2019/ 2020 school year, I studied in Glasgow, Scotland for one year. I want to take you in the preparations and my time there.

We started the day with a nice breakfast at the guesthouse. I was quite nervous because for the first time I really started talking to the people of the training, and went to see the houses.

At 9:00 AM we had an appointment at the university. We were welcomed by Paul, and he took us all over the campus and explained what training courses were involved in all the buildings. He also showed us the whole new sports campus.

After the tour of the Campus, he took us to the Center for Forensic Science, where I was allowed to speak to the coordinator of the training. She answered all my questions, took plenty of time before and also showed all the laboratories. This gave me a very good idea of the training and I have only become even more enthusiastic. All in all, I spent almost 2 hours in college!

We still had to hurry to get to the second appointment on time.

By 11 o'clock we arrived at the first house I wanted to see. Here, too, we were kindly welcomed by janitor Brian. He showed us 6 different rooms.

The same thing was in everything, but decorated just differently every time. The rooms looked very neat and new! This made me happy. Brian also showed the rest of the house, such as the joint room, the laundry facilities and the gym. This also looked good. I was really positively surprised.

We left the first house and had some time to bridge. Unfortunately, the weather was not so nice today and we have only seen rain. By 2 pm I had the next appointment at the 2nd house. Due to the bad weather, we walked there a little earlier, which was no problem.

Here too we were received a huge welcome again, we were offered coffee and tea and saw the showroom room. This also looked super luxury and new again.

At that time, I really couldn't make a choice between the two rooms, both of them were better than I had figured out in advance. Fortunately, this didn't have to be immediately and I was able to make my choice.

When we had had all the appointments, we were able to hang out the tourist. We visited Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis and then we walked through to Glasgow's oldest house called Provand's Lordship. We are also still at St. Mungo Museum Of Religious Life & Art has been. When we had looked at all that, we had actually had it a bit, we had been out all day.

We walked back to our Guesthouse and brought a fish & chips to eat in the hotel room. Rained completely soaked on the way to the hotel, but the fish & chips made up for the weather. We didn't do much more for the rest of the evening.

To be continued

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