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Salad with chicken, avocado and pesto...

Now that the summer temperatures are in the country, we go for salads more often... this one is very easy to make and super tasty...


What do you need for this?

Half a chicken breast per person

Iceberg lettuce or some kind of lettuce you like


Half an avocado per person

Parmesan fresh to grate or in flakes

One tablespoon of mayonnaise

Two tablespoons of natural yogurt (unsweetened)

Two tablespoons of green pesto or something more to your taste


Sat herbs or chicken herbs

Pepper and salt

Toast or fresh baguette

Method of preparation.

Step 1.. Cut the chicken into strips and season them with satay spices. Fry them in a large amount of butter so that there is also a tasty spicy butter sauce in your pan. Put them aside to cool down a little.

Step 2.. Make a delicious dressing by mixing the mayonnaise, yogurt and pesto. Season with some pepper and a little salt.

Step 3.. Cut the lettuce into strips...

Step 4.. Cut 1/4 of the cucumber into cubes...

Step 5.. Cut the avocado into slices...

Step 6.. Toast your bread or cut your baguette into pieces.

Step 7.. Start by arranging everything in your salad bowl.


First a thick layer of lettuce...

Then the cucumber cubes come on..


The avocado slices are allowed on it...

Then comes the lukewarm chicken.. and there may also be a little butter sauce over the salad...


Sprinkle parmesan on it..

And finish with the pesto yogurt dressing...

And possibly some additional spices with pepper and salt.


Some bread or toast and you have a nice lunch that will make everyone happy.. Tasty food.


Mrs. Dot..

Pleasantly crazy creative centipede

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