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A low carb sandwich healthy!

An invested bun is what many people miss when they are on a low-carb diet. But that doesn't have to! Below the simple recipe for a low carb sandwich healthy!

What do you need?

2 oopsies (see recipe below)

2 tablespoons herb cheese

2 slices ham

Save of your choice

1 sliced tomato

some cucumber slices

How to make it?

Cut the 2 oopsies open.

Lubricate top and bottom with herb cheese

Then top with the lettuce, tomato, cucumber and ham. If necessary, you can add another slice of cheese.


- Also delicious with chicken breast or salami instead of ham. Or along with the ham, that's also possible!

Oopsie ham/leek salad (low carb)

This is also a nice lunch dish!

Ditisveer's opsie pizza!

And Ditisfeather! showed that you can also use an oopsie as a pizza base!

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