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The largest waterfall in the Netherlands

The two largest waterfalls in the Netherlands are located in Loenen.
The large waterfall has a decay of 15 meters. This was dug in the crisis years and the water comes out in the Apeldoorn-Dierenskanaal. The spreng that supplies the water originates in the woods of the Schalter and consists of two parts, the Vrijenbergspreng and the Veldhuizerspreng. These are each about 6 kilometers long.
There are also several side sprinkles, which gradually forms a wide stream.
The steps of the waterfall are laid out.

The small waterfall (1.1 km walk from the car park) has two stairs. It can be reached via a beautiful route through the forest.

A wonderfully sunny autumn day makes the walk there even more special. Together with my nephew (who, like a squirrel, picks up everything that falls from the trees and carefully stores them) we walk at a snail pace towards our goal.

After half an hour we hear the noise of the water in the distance. And a few minutes later you see the waterfall appearing between the trees.

For a child, this should still look pretty impressive.

But I also enjoy it, of course.

With a little imagination you stand at the foot of Niagara Falls and shower under a great spectacle.

At the big waterfall it is very busy and you have to hit the net for a good picture. Unfortunately, I also had to deal with too much backlight.

The large waterfall is located just behind the parking lot Vrijenberg on the main road (N786) from Loenen to Beekbergen.
In short, a nice attraction and well combined with a walk through the woods.

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