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Japanese Garden Hasselt

The Japanese Garden in Flemish Hasselt is the result of the friendships that the cities of Itami (Hyogo Prefecture, Japan) and Hasselt have maintained since 1985. Hasselt donated Itami a tower carillon in November 1991, and Itami donated the Japanese garden. With an area of 2.5 hectares, it is the largest Japanese garden in Europe.

The garden was created by the Japanese with elements imported from Japan.

It was originally intended that the Japanese would use a portion of the 2.5 hectares to build a modest Japanese part in the park.
“Lost in translation”: However, the Japanese had misunderstood that they had to build the entire domain. Even more so as they did not want to let themselves know, the donors persevered in the full disposition. As a result, Hasselt has, inadvertently, the largest Japanese garden in Europe.

The Korokan ceremony house means “a place of rest and lodging for travellers”, built from natural materials (natural stone, wood, bamboo, clay, paper). There are clay pans and red roof slates on the roof. The many windows offer a beautiful view of the garden.

A characteristic feature of the waterfall is the horizontal and vertical lines of the rocks used, reinforced by the stone parts laid out in the water form a foreground.

The zigzag bridge in the pond is called Yatsuhashi. She has always been used in an 'iris pond'. According to Japanese use, the iris is planted in ponds in memory of a friend who left or died.

It's a shame Bonsai is missing from this Japanese garden, but Japan's most important cultural export product.



water features in the park.

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