Charges bill and passes

Secretly it gets a little more expensive

SNS bank (the Volksbank) tightens the crown.

At least with me. I myself have current accounts with SNS and ING.

Every month, several banks charge these costs. As far as ING is concerned, earlier this was €1.95 per month. Regularly they have increased that a bit and now I pay €2.40 per month. That doesn't seem like much, but I use this account for my income from Yoors and some other things that make me a few pennies. So that account will be empty if I'm not babysitting. A certain percentage would be better, unless you have a lot of money, of course...

Big business...

Personally, I feel that this is a compensation for low interest rates. Banks deposit money at the European bank and have to pay on this - because of the negative interest rate. A negative interest rate thanks to southern European countries such as Greece and Italy. Interest rates are kept artificially low to prevent countries like this, the bankruptcy of the Euro. But this aside. At my current account of SNS (Very normal) they always did it nicely but have now made a catch-up.

Where SNS charged €2.25 for these services in August, they have been doing so with €3.10 since the end of September 2020. An increase of €0.85. You are dependent on a payment account so in fact there is just €3.10 off your income by default. In my case, 'my' banks evaporate every month so €5.50. Can you find out what is raked in per month per, for example, 1 million people? Then you're talking about something...

Are these charges to the bank?

Doesn't seem to me, since the banks exist by the grace of their customers. After all, without account holders, no bank. “Ah, those few euros”, you might say... But the scary thing is that you don't know where the line is, if there is any. A few times I have seen my ING account emptying and even getting a message that I was red, without even spending a cent. Most people are at Rabobank, ING, ABN-Amro and SNS (Volksbank). These 4 can therefore take a lot of cash, unless one or two of the banks mentioned do not do so, which I doubt.

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