'Gardengate' (4.1): 'False. In writing?”

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Their true face!

'B' or 'F' probably would not have been physically on my yard, but something destroyed or cut down on my yard, in short; they have been on it. But now we come to the following point:

Selective amnesia.

“B “continued reading... “You always have “my “fence! That fence is legally owned by both of us, because it's on the inheritance line. “Here, “B “might be right, although it's a little more in my direction, because Idoes not want benefit from other people's land or property. For safety reasons, I have admitted a few centimeters and I really do not lie awake from that either. Friend: “E “paid the fence. 'B' admits this but says: 'There's never been talk about money'. (Lie 3) And he began to produce a story with the necessary imagination, that the old fence was much more solid (it was one weak braid, the rest of the separation was Boxwood) But I would necessarily want a fence with a bow and I know what else.

Then it came up to pay...

What is true is that he asked, “What do you want?youwas going to put it down?” And he thought everything was fine. All this was, by the way, about ten years ago. But I remember that I didn't lIe the word 'you' (instead of us) in that sense so while he wanted to run away I said: 'Yes, but do you also participate, financially speaking? ' “Eh, yes, of course, just take the note through the bus and I'll pay you half.” While I was telling this story, “B “was constantly shaking his head: “NO, NEEEE, NO!” And so it went on for a while. It's weird that people do that, I never get that. And I really want to believe that his memory is different, but I don't understand how that can be done. Are you telling yourself a lie for so long that you're gonna believe it yourself? I went on: 'Yes, because you sat there all day and looked at it while the gardener and I were working on it'. “Drill after drill broke in half lIe many screws, through the hardwood.” Fortunately, I don't hear anything so he recognizes this part. I continue: 'And in the evening you come all of a sudden; this is not good and it needs to be higher, while you've been watching it all day! Then I said to get rid of the whining, “You know what? I'll pay it myself”! And here at “B “started the head shaking and shouting no again. E: 'Your words: 'All right, come and have a beer sometime. ' “Yes, I will. “I thought, “Are you nice cheap?” Now 'B' continues to claim high and low that money has never been talked about. Friend: 'Yes, 'B', because that's why you paid for the partition at the front (some poles and a few boards) 'F' then said yourself: 'You paid the fence, then we will do this'. There was no comment on this. By the way, more memories came back after the conversation about the issue with the fence: I looked in the mailbox at the time and there was a note from 'B', an invitation for a conversation about the fence. The deliberate conversation at his house at night, which he now denies. I also remember that he ended the letter with a compliment about the garden I had designed by the gardener: 'I lIe the design! ' So that's another piece of evidence that I unfortunately didn't use in the conversation. Maybe I still have the note somewhere, but all right. Actually not even relevant who paid him, but he used this to show 'factual inaccuracies in my mail.


That was the hottest issue in the conversation. 'B': I can grow at it whatI wants to! ' “No, “I said, “the ivy gets through me, and I can't reach it without destroying my hydrangeas.” (Which are years longer than their ivy and this doesn't grow because of the fence) 'B': 'That's your problem', I can grow whatever I want there. ' 'Then you should have said that you were going to put hydrangeas there, I would have told you to stay half a meter off the fence for my ivy. '(?!) (This while there was no ivy) Only years later when he met his girlfriend moved in together and she went to keep up the garden, did ivy come. According to “B “, it said “little ivy “? Little ivy? Very small then because I've never seen it...) 'E: 'Yes, but how am I supposed to do that? Then I will have to stand there by you pruning an ivy hedge and again, I cannot reach it! '. “B “: “That's not my problem. If a woman lives down the street with COPD and I want to barbecue, I'm gonna have a barbecue. I have that right. For example, once a month. Then she'll go for a walk in the woods or something.” Thus, “B.” I had to be horrible! Someone with COPD take a walk in the woods? Ever heard of atogethervival?! I had an uncle who almost suffocated daily for 20 years and literally had to gasp for air while his lips turned blue! Dirty egoist! I should have said the last one out loud. A comparison of nothing, too. But on departure they had with the following residents (?!) agreed that the ivy would go away. B: 'But they also have the right to plant ivy again! ' E: 'stop! You're not about that anymore!” (there had only been one interested person and then they are so positive (Read: naief) that they already assumed it had already been sold.) After all the lies, I don't believe this either. If he sold it, it's not their problem anymore and the new buyer is not to blame for it. If the ivy goes away, why not now? At least I do not believe that the interested person would have said 'I buy it' and then 'B': 'Yes, but we will remove the ivy. '

The unreasonableness:

Anyway, I was already pissed off, but now even more pissed! E: 'You do not suffer from my plants at all! Everything I keep within the heirloom, and all of you come here! ' B: 'Yes, then you have your standard higher than us, you can. ' E: 'The branches of your shrub grew with me in the ventilation grille of the hood!! Why can you never respect the inheritance line?'This' is mine and 'that' is yours! 'Yes, now I got a bit of a link!B:'What? that roster is officially not even at the right height,(Apparently, he had spent some time behind the PC...) I can smell your cooking craps! First of all, I don't cook that often, secondly, they never said anything about it, and as far as the height is concerned, I can't even reach it... and thirdly, if he says you can barbecue, even though a woman lives in the neighborhood with COPD and they have the wood stove outside every night in the summer and I'm in the smoke, listening to their classical music and regularly cleaning up their cat's crap in my front yard, I thought this should definitely be possible... Friend: 'All right, but what if we shoot everything that crosses the legacy line? ' W:Then E's leilinds are going to die!!“You should try that, “I thought. Then I'll kill him all his plants and trees!

Friend intervenes again

'Friend: So if we put bamboo against the inheritance line, we can. ' “B “just flew through the ceiling!No! No! The volume went up noticeably again. Friend very quiet: 'Yes, that's exactly the same thing. ' 'B': 'No, no... because the roots...Yesaa, that may... '(?!) A sudden turnaround. He realized here that either: he was guessing himself or: he thought he would be gone before he was bothered by it...

We decided to leave it at first on this subject and everything must first settle down in everyone. Tomorrow I want to write the last part in which another violent event in my life will be discussed and with it in the lives of my loved ones and those involved and the relationship with the neighbours afterwards. Furthermore, the conclusion as far as I can make about the conversation and summarize the frustrating, backward logic of the neighbours.

Hopefully tomorrow in the form of a collaboration with Kitty!

The paragraph below is for consideration...

Police and the dubious facts

In part 3 I thought I had to rectify because I had asked the agent for clarification as to the actual reason for his visit. “The shoe curd “said to him a little bit because I questioned his honesty and intentions. He replied that the length of the grass said something about how well a person could sustain his work. Long grass could indicate problems. On the one hand, I am often distrustful and on the other hand naive. But, of course, it could be, and I took the officer at his word and apologized. I also asked him for a conversation, because he was not familiar with the whole garden problems and the relationship between the neighbors and me. After all, he himself previously indicated that if there was something, I had to pull the bell directly.

So that's what I did with this one. Now it is true that he has a whopping 1 hour a week, on Wednesday, in the community center. Do I get an e-mail back that he was prevented last Wednesday and the next week... Here I no longer dare to draw conclusions and take the advice to heart of a few dear Yoorsie's; -) to stay close to myself. So you can form an opinion yourself.—Will be persecuted!—

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Here comes the next and also last part, at least for the time being!

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