Uitdaging van Marion; Rondeau 'Een verre buur'

Ook als vervolg op mijn schrijfsel:

Marion heeft vele leuke uitdagingen op dichterlijk gebied; dit is er één van. Een 'Rondeau' schrijven. De link naar de uitdaging van Marion met uitleg vind u HIER en onderaan het blog. Dank je Marion, hij was weer leuk om te doen!

Dit blog is tot stand gekomen door een samenwerking van 'Wakeupkitty' en mij. Onderstaand de link naar het bijbehorende deel van mijn schrijfpartner!

Ons thema is vooralsnog 'buren' en tevens is dit blog hoogstwaarschijnlijk het slot in deze kwestie, tenminste voor mij.

'Een verre buur'

Kunnen we gewoon weer buren zijn?

Zoals we eens ook waren?

Niet naar wat gebeurd is, staren

maar naar haardvuur, met een glaasje wijn.

We waren buren, voor 10 jaren,

de laatste 4, niet meer zo fijn.

Kunnen we gewoon weer buren zijn?

Zoals we eens ook waren?

Geen mitsen en maren,

wat slap gezeur, zo voor de gein.

We zouden er allen wel bij varen,

als buren, onze laatste dagen.

Kunnen we gewoon weer buren zijn?

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Marion's Uitdaging:



Word lid en beloon de maker en jezelf!

The sucking power of TikTok.
The addictive effect of TikTok. - #tiktokapp   I went into the app TikTok, because I saw some videos on yoo.rs, namely @Ellie Brokking alias Heart with the most famous song of Meat Love (delightful laugh), @Merels World with the video: Splons the crazy Frog and @EnyaMona and her boyfriend - with a TikTok recording in Center Parcs, during their holiday. And I must honestly confess, that I long ignored the app TikTok despite the very intrusive advertising of the app TikTok. If you want to install a nice ringtone or are you looking for other new apps, the TikTok window will automatically appear. Thus, the algorithm of TikTok is annoying intrusive always (in the background) present! Eventually I went to study the app TikTok. With the TikTok app, short videos can be created to create stickers and effects. Popular movies include people who dance, sing or play back. Most movies have a length of 15 seconds. Users can like videos and write comments. TikTok shows users an entire screen video that keeps repeating. In the background, the technology uses artificial intelligence to give users recommendations. TikTok is very popular among young people. The history of TikTok. - Parent company ByteDance was founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming and started in China in September 2016 with the app Douyin . Within a year, the app knew 100 million users. After this success on the Chinese market, an international variant was developed for it called TikTok. This app was launched in September 2017. On 9 November 2017, ByteDance bought a $1 billion (also Chinese) app musical.ly from a Shanghai based company that focused mainly on the United States with musical.ly. In order to grow further in the US market, ByteDance decided to merge musical.ly and TikTok into one app on August 2, 2018. It was chosen to maintain the name TikTok. The new app contained all existing accounts and dates of both predecessors. In 2018, the app became so popular that in October of that year it was the most downloaded app in the United States. The app is available in more than 150 countries and 75 languages. In February 2019, TikTok and Douyin together accounted for 1 billion downloads. In August 2019, according to parent company ByteDance, there were 1.2 billion active users per month. Sara Dol is one of the biggest Dutch on TikTok in that year with 1.6 million followers. One and a half billion users in 150 countries. - The bewildering figures: In 2018, TikTok became one of the most downloaded apps in the world, and this year TikTok has one and a half billion users in 150 countries. TikTok, which was not launched until 2017, was the third most installed app in the past decade according to app research firm App Annie. And also good to remember: 90 percent of TikTok users are working on the app every day. For example, TikTok has become one of the most important social media platforms, especially for the very young target group from 9 to 18 years. And let that be the target audience that can drive hits in this new pop era. Dutch record companies Top Notch & Noah's Ark and Spinnin' Records, which have grown up with hip hop and dance, young and hit-sensitive musical movements, saw relatively quickly that TikTok could be a great springboard for artists. Provided you were dealing with it in a smart way. TikTok had in October 2020 - 4.5 million Dutch and 3 million Belgian users. The average usage was 60 minutes in the Netherlands and 62 minutes in Flanders. 65% of users are female. Who are the users of the TikTok app? - Different world stars use TikTok. Also many others became known thanks to the app, which already has more than 800 million users. Many videos on TikTok were a variant of the lipdub clips that plagued almost all the global school squares (and office gardens) five years ago: clips that played back on well-known hits. And those clips generated views. Lots of views. The music became the foundation of TikTok, because the vast majority of the creations — that's how the videos of users are officially called — are created around music: think of funny phrases from a text, or songs where a certain dance should be performed as a 'challenge'. Take a look at two recent monster hits on TikTok, by British singer Dua Lipa and American rapper Roddy Rich. The dance song Don't Start Now has produced more than three million creations with dance movements and the hip-hop track The Box, with a bloody ritual vocal beep (ie, oe), became a giant meme that first generated millions of Tiktok movies, and then a mass of viewers to the YouTube clip of pull the number. Win-win situation. - There is a somewhat inscrutable industry behind TikTok, which is hardly comprehensible to the uninitiated. Unlike the well-known streaming platforms, TikTok does not pay royalties to the artists whose music clips are used. Partly for that reason, many major record companies have not released their entire music catalogue for use on Tiktok. It is well known that many record companies make a part of their catalogue available in consultation with TikTok. Anyone can see that TikTok and the rightholders are in a so-called win-win situation. The all-predominant algorithm. - The biggest trade secret of TikTok, as with many online tech companies, is the algorithm. How exactly it works does not reveal the original Chinese company, but the fact is that anyone with a Tiktok account can see the most obscure creations pass by. Not only the trending videos are promoted, according to TikTok, but also the fresh and crazy videos that everyone should see. If TikTok collaborates for example for a challenge, then of course that number will be placed higher in the hierarchy and more often recommended. TikTok needs music, and makes revenue thanks to the millions of traffic on the app. And an artist has a huge promotional device at his disposal with TikTok, which can turn an obscure track into a smashing hit. On TikTok you can go viral in one day and that's impossible on YouTube. How oiled TikTok can work when creating a hit, the dance band Kris Kross Amsterdam. The marketing team of Spinnin' Records saw in the song Ooh Girl an ideal track for a challenge. The label collaborated with TikTok itself and a number of important influencers, with the goal: to make a hit . The challenge: make a fun movie with the song and win the chance to participate in the official clip. The counter stands at 90 thousand videos created and a total of 29 million views for those creations. The final video with the Tiktok movies was then posted on the YouTube channel of Spinnin' Records, and was watched half a million times there. A good example of promotional cross-pollination! But it doesn't go by itself. If Tiktok users create a creation using a song from the app's catalog, and thus the file that TikTok paid to the record company, the movie shows the artist's hashtag and song. But it is not possible to click through to YouTube or Spotify via TikTok, to listen to the whole song. Users have to search for themselves. The community sense of users is the great power of TikTok.  - The TikTokkers share their favourite music in their creations and thus build a community of fans, even for artists like Y2k and Bbno$ from the hit Lalala, who have come up from scratch. of rights better regulate. Of course, it would be nice if all the music would become available, as well as the huge collection of old hits that could get a new life through TikTok. It would also be nice for now if the link were better arranged, so that you can easily click through to a song via TikTok, for example, in Spotify. In that respect, TikTok, however dominant and talkative the app is, is still in its infancy. If you find TikTok scary or repulsive, it's better to hide in the near future because the new Tiktok hit is already on the way. Trending at the moment: songs about viruses. The six intriguing tunnels into which one is sucked. - TikTok - tunnel 1: Gentle Parenting. - All about 'tender parenthing' and how not to raise your child, you will see in this tunnel. Tiktok Tunnel 2: Meat. - The fascination with men — they're always men — cutting big pieces of meat started with salt bae. This is the nickname of the Turkish chef and restaurateurs Nusret Gokce who started a internet sensation was because of the sensual way he cuts grilled meat and sprinkles with a pinch of salt. You may have seen some images of him pass by: little man, always dressed in a tight T-shirt, wearing sunglasses, who cuts the bone of a steak with suggestive hip movements and then rolls some salt on it from high heights. There's just something irresistible about that simple, but artisanal combination of glowing cabbage, a lump of meat and a man with his knife set. Sublimation of fleshy women, I guess! Tiktok Tunnel 3: Dancing, Sounds and Gestures. - TikTok changes language and body language. You see it on the street, in playgrounds, sports clubs, everywhere where young teenagers are. Who wonders why girls are sometimes just, casually and compulsively, doing 'dances' with their arms and hips: TikTok. Dances are the primal tunnel of TikTok, and the steady movements of Renegade, Savage Love and Old Town Road are in the blood of those children. Seriously, ask your niece or neighbor boy. But trends go together, and so do here. You have to look for Another One Bites the Dust, I was told: with old pop songs, cryptic sounds and strange gestures, a new semantic system is created in front of you.. So Sheesh often goes along with a rather obscure gesture that seemed familiar to me: two fingers to the inside of your elbow. As needed, this can be combined with the upper teeth over the lower lip and the eyes closed with the eyebrows raised. Tiktok Tunnel 4: Oddly satisfying. - What exactly is oddly satisfying? It can be kinetic sand cut into perfect cubes, creamy paint that is sprayed together in brightly colored rays like double custard, a cake that splits tight butter cream on top of it.. My personal favorite subcategory (which for some others is not satisfying, but repulsive) is body management on the square millimeter: blackheads expressed and ingrown hairs pulled out. The pleasant sensation you get from such videos is reminiscent of ASMR, a tingling experience associated with certain sensory stimuli, such as crackling or whispering. Satisfying videos often revolve around a process or task that is accomplished in a clear, visually pleasing environment. Preferably that is a pointless, or rather trivial task. There is a tension arc, or a tiny tension arc, and the project always succeeds. Of course, everyday life also has such pleasant little rewards: a Tupperware box that closes perfectly, a whole zipper of bubble wrap that pops you up in one go, or the piece that you aim in the bin without touching the edge. But look for #oddlysatisfying , then you always target. Tiktok Tunnel 5: Kinktok. - Maybe you're having vanilla sex? Not only is there vanilla sex; there are other, more adventurous flavors or Fifty Shades. There is KinkTok, where a cheerful sex-positive community freely talks about kink and BDSM, under hashtags like #Kinktok , and #dom #sub #cnc #chokeme — you'll discover what it all stands for. Because in this wonderful corner of the Internet is not so much naked and sex to find, but lovers like to explain how it all works. How to choke (strangle) your loved one without going to the emergency room, for example, or how to artfully tie each other with shibari rope (a Japanese form of bondage). Also, kink-jokes are made, with which kink-tokers alleviate the shame around the subject. #kinktok also its shady sides. According to some BDSM practitioners, the rules and trust associated with BDSM are not properly represented on the social platform. Also sometimes very young people proudly show the bruises they have left from sex. The integration of kink (combined with the ubiquity of pornography) could give young viewers the idea that rough sex is the norm. Tiktok Tunnel 6: Hugo the Young. - Yes, yes you see it well no corona, but how hot Hugo de Jonge is. In the Tiktok universe, young users have given this a completely new meaning. Because on one thing many tick-tokkers agree: Hugo the Young is hot. Images of the Minister of Health walking up the stage, drinking from a glass of water during an interview or laughing in the camera, in the background romantic songs with lyrics like 'you're the type I want to marry' or 'boom boom boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room' including a pink filter about the images and here and there some hearts: such videos are present in abundance on TikTok. The users respond to each other's videos with texts like 'this is the only reason I watch the press conference' or 'with Hugo de Jonge I want 10 days in quarantine'. A nickname is used massively: daddy de Jonge. The addictive effect of the TikTok app. - What makes TikTok so worthwhile from addiction is the candy pink glow that always reigns. On Instagram you sit to stick out your eyes with your perfect good figure or excellently succeeded baking or your top performance in muscle growing and other efforts. You have a Twitter account to join a lynch mob to tweet the national bastard of the day. On Facebook you sit to keep an eye on your distant friends and relatives. On Pinterest, you're sitting to share beautiful, lovely, interesting pictures, but on TikTok you're going to be transported to tunnels where a fascinating niche — samurai values forging, glassblowing — is blown to the thread, where you can experience lachblavo after lachsalvo with blooper movies, or where you are completely enthralled by dances to afrobeat music. If you want to keep your attention on TikTok, you need to be able to or know something interesting — or at least make a brave attempt to do so. The dark sides of TikTok. - Of course, the Tiktok algorithm also has its dark sides. First of all, for the young users and creators. In particular, the various' challenges' — challenges — that go viral on TikTok are concerned. In these videos, teenagers and twenties are challenged to pull out all kinds of physical daredevil. One of them, the choking challenge — pinch your throat until you pass out — cost the life of a 10-year-old girl at the beginning of this year. Italian authorities decided to temporarily block TikTok for users whose age is not clear. TikTok is not just fun. Because video traffic via the app is so busy, there is also a lot of crap. TikTok is accused of acting too slow when racist or otherwise inappy creations appear on the app. And the company behind the app has already had to make millions of settlements after charges about illegally collecting users' private data. TikTok may be a new hit factory, unfortunately there are also industrial accidents. The privacy concerns about TikTok are also ebony, no matter how hard the company tries to convince the world of its pure intentions. Recently, the company was brought to court in England for collecting data, without informing users sufficiently. How seriously TikTok passes the writing with this is still the subject of discussion. According to tech experts, the app does not operate much differently from other social media. Many of the concerns are motivated by the fact that TikTok's parent company Bytedance is in Chinese hands and therefore does not take it so closely with users' privacy and freedom of speech — something the company has always denied. Source: Wikepedia. Source: De Volkskrant/10-05-2021/Happy in my rabbit holl/Hassan Bahara/Emma Curvers/Georgia East/Wieteke van Zell. Free Writing: Janne Marthies. Illustrations: #pixabay and edited by Janne Marthies.
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Two beautiful sunsets in different locations
#yoorsapril2021  Sunsets are the most beautiful thing we can enjoy, I assure you that in this publication you will be able to appreciate two beautiful sunsets. The first one was on a beach in Naples Florida, the sea was serene and the sun was setting, it was a completeness between them, you could only hear the soft coming of the waves and the wind. The second was when my daughter traveled to North Carolina, she gave me this beautiful sunset, it was winter and you can appreciate the snow and the beautiful shades of the sunset, it was a great show. It is wonderful to enjoy all the beauties that nature can give us.