Why Is Net Nuetrality Necessary For Internet Marketing

Why Is Net Neutrality Necessary

Would you like to use a cellphone that blocks every other number except a few? Would you like to send your child to the school that only teaches a few standard courses unless you buy the full curriculum? Without net neutrality, your ISP could do just that. We all have witnessed how last year, 2018 ended with the end of internet freedom; FCC voted to lift the Obama-led net neutrality rules that transfer the internet freedom from the users to ISPs, now telecom giants have more power over your online presence than yourself.

For Internet Marketing?

Non-neutrality is a hot-button issue that has opened a pandora box and sparked the debate faster than a celebrity Twitter battle, and this does not show any sign of letting up. Today’s virtual world offers open-source softwares, startups, and consumers competing with each other for the spotlight without having to pay for anything. This competitive environment makes the internet marketing and SEO tick. Without placing the old regulations, the internet could be an entirely different place for consumers and obviously online marketers like us.

In this article, we are talking about why a highly-critical and massively-important topic, dismantling net neutrality, is equally important for the web-marketers as well. Especially those small and medium business, local firms and websites that are not well-recognized on the web. The reason for writing about net neutrality in the context of online marketing is to shed light on the subject matter that why having net neutrality is an integral requirement for online marketers.

Why Marketers Should Care About Net Neutrality?

The Death Of Equal Web Access - A “Not So Level” Playing Field

  • Intense Competition: A fierce competition would arise without having to pay and without having to serve only those users, who may be paying differentiated rates to their respective ISPs.

  • Fewer players: Previously, anyone can enter the field by simply registering a website and hosting it - Be it Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, you are technically in competition with everyone. You get the same access, at least at the basic ISP level, with everyone on the internet; means the demand of competitive practices rise as there is a large number of businesses that need to compete and who can compete. Everyone had the same access and there was no discrimination among online users, which encourages the concept of fair competition.

  • Advantageous For Big, Rich And Established Players: Already established businesses that have ample wealth, influence and resources are least bothered how much the ISPs are bidding. It’s easy to say “Hey, I am chill with not having net-neutrality as I know I can always be in the lowest tier as I can pay anything to the ISPs and I can influence state regulations, and can easily connect with all the ISPs to remain widely accessible.” But for a small website, product or online service provider it’s a nightmare - means it’s tougher to get started.

Online Presence Is Cheaper With Net Neutrality

  • Don’t Need To Pay Off Any ISPs: Net neutrality means you are automatically guaranteed to create your presence online without having to pay anything “extra”. You don’t need to approach Comcast or AT&T or Cox and ask for a high-speed, faster-tier, best access plan to get yourself registered on the web. Non-neutrality would sway this online privacy freedom from businesses to get their presence online.

  • No Separate Process: It’s not matter of cost only, reaching ISPs involves intensified work. The list of ISP is in hundreds and the active users reached the threshold of millions in the US today. Although the numbers are shrinking but still it’s a very very challenging task to do; if you are a big insurance provider, someone might do it for you but what if you are a brand-new online business, it’ll be a difficult task for you get started.

Creating Winners And Losers With And Without Net Neutrality

The product, the strategy and the quality of products and services that a new website are going to offer as compared to the already established businesses would have a huge difference. Those online startups or online publishers who previously had the potential to turn the table 360 degrees and might have an innovative idea but less funding would have to face a real struggle to elevate their businesses because of the very basic necessity, the Internet is segmented, packaged and shackled.

And this environment is awfully unfavorable for anyone who’s thinking of stepping in against the giants. So, to a greater extent, to create winners and losers today versus the potential pre-net-neutrality era varies drastically. The situation created after the net neutrality repeal has a built-in advantage to the wealthy and people with influence.

Taking the late-stage 2017 capitalist into consideration, we are already exposed to a lot of money and influence. Does those with money and influence need another leg up on competitive entrepreneurs, startups, and folks, only time will tell.

What Can We Do?

If you really want to take some serious action and fight back and register yourself against your Congressperson, senator or any local or federal representative, then support just neutrality and be a part of the initiatives that may be available in your country or geographical locality. This is something we have fought before as internet users, and now it's time to voice your opinion on creating an equal footing for everyone.

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