In the pocket of the Holy Holy Man

What does the Saint Nicholas party mean?

When children are raised with the belief in Sinterklaas - something which I think is quite normal in our Dutch culture - there are certain aspects of this. Especially “in the good old days, when happiness was quite common.”. So to say it.

Sinterklaas itself has a number of attributes:
  • His clothing consists of a long red tabberd and a red miter.

  • He rides a white horse, a fungus

  • He walks with a staff; a large cane, say.

  • He has a large white beard, which suits a man in very old age.

Furthermore, he is accompanied by an army of helpers. Until recently, those were Zwarte Pieten. Today, the soot sweeper is in vogue. Society changes, although I myself am in favour of maintaining the phenomenon Zwarte Piet. Just because it's culture and because I find the next aspect intriguing.

The bag of Saint Nicholas

Zwarte Piet - or the soot sweeper, if you like - has the scattered goods with him. Those delicious peppernuts, which are to feast, for example. And the presents, not to mention. Presents, which are in the so-called #zakvansinterklaas Sit down.

In earlier times, the Sinterklaas festival also had a normative character. 'Who is sweet gets goodies, who is naughty the roe', is a fitting song at this time of year. Have the children, where Saint Nicholas comes to visit, been nice the past year? Did they deserve presents? ? For the Holy Holy Man is good, holy and righteous. So anyone who doesn't get through the review has a problem.

In the old days, that could mean that you put in the pocket became. Then you went for a year on a penal expedition to Spain, with Saint and Peter. As Sjaan experienced last year. Saint was visiting her home, she sat with the holy man on her lap. And suddenly she disappeared with a smooth hand movement in the pocket. Completely unexpected for her.

The bag was tied close by Piet and it was so dark that Sjaan could not see a hand in front of his eyes. On the touch she looked for a light switch, but of course no one will find that in such a burlap bag. That was a hopeless mission.


A year full of eyes

Sjaan has faced a lot of eyes over the past year. And from all the owners of those eyes, she has learned something. After all, everyone has his or her own talents. And perseverance, for example, is something she barely had. But to get through this year, she had to grow at that point.

The most striking thing, however, is that so many children, young people and young adults get into trouble. Much more than she could have ever expected actually. Just look at a small overview of the eyes...


Throughout the year, all in all, there was little light on the horizon. It was a real penal expedition. Now, however, Shaan - with the others - is back in our country. A round-trip trip Spain by steamer, all-in stay. Tasty enjoyed the warmth.

But she did have to work hard. Scrubbing and scrubbing the whole palace day in and day out was no fun. It shaped her life. Over the next few years, she will do everything she can not have to be in the bag again.

Bright spot of the Saint Nicholas Feast

For Sjaan there is certainly a bright spot at the Sinterklaas festival. And for all those kids, who just get their annual presents, I think there's definitely. When we can all celebrate this party in a relaxed way, it must and will positively influence the atmosphere.

If we don't make it all too heavy, avoid needless discussions... the pain of the past is there. I don't want to take anything off that. But we can't change that, not take it away, by changing the shape of this children's party all of a sudden? Let the bag of Saint Nicholas stay just... (Full of presents... ☺)

In his writing challenge Hans van Gemert asks us to use a standard sentence.

The theme 'light and darkness' somehow emerges this month.


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