Op een grote paddestoel



Op een grote paddestoel, rood met witte stippen.
Afijn, je kent het liedje vast wel.
Het was weer speelkwartiertje bij @Maddys FoodFun 
We hadden dit keer een rode paprika en een prei.
Daar stond ik dan aan het aanrecht te denken wat ga ik hiermee maken.
Soms en vaak is het het beste om gewoon ergens te beginnen. En dat deed ik.
Ik sneed de bovenkant van de paprika eraf en er ontstond een paddenstoelenhoed.
De zaadjes vielen eruit, goed voor de stippen. En dan nog een steel voor de paddestoel.
Daar kon de prei mooi voor dienen, evenals de grassprieten die ik daarvan maakte.
 Het was weer fun!


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No Limits
#art Honestly this was one of my beginnings when I started building my technique “the folded seal” Little by little the details are made, Don't limit yourself !! Just draw with two tones and a brush and that's enough! I hope you like it!
This is me
#iamnewhere Hello everyone I am new to this platform, I like it very much because here I can be very creative, and imaginative to achieve give free rein to my imagination, something that in my opinion is incredible since the best stories are told and published in a book, in this case by means of a blogs which reaches many readers of this community by so to speak. I am a mother of 3 children two men already and a beautiful woman who is my daughter, I clarify that my children do not lag behind are a few galans, obviously I do not speak only because her mom although there is also a little bit of that haha, I really like the pastry I love cooking is my passion in life I am always seeing new recipes to surprise my family. I love sharing with family since they will always be my priority for me, I love my parents and I respect them I try to take care of them as much as I can because they are already elderly people and this pandemic is taking away our loved ones and they are the most vulnerable. I hope you liked the little review about my life soon you will see my new publications wish you like it and if so you just have to support me by giving me a heart. Thank you all in advance here I show you some photos of me and my children and others where we are sharing with family. pictures taken with my phone