Frog mouth move with croakbladder that can blow you up

Did you know? That frogs have a croakbladder? Maybe you've been to a pond where the frogs give a loud croak concert. One frog makes almost even more noise than the other. What a croakbladder is? It is a strong stretchable skin. The males frogs have 1 or 2. Or they have a 1 throat bladder and otherwise 2 cheek blowing. They have these to find other females and thus be able to lure. The blowing is getting very big and it looks like the frog is about to explode! Luckily, that doesn't happen, but when you hear the noise of their croaking..

When croaking, air is fed along the larynx, bringing the vocal cords into vibration. So that gives the specific sound. And then every species has its own sound.

Now it is of course also nice to make such a frog. We mimic it with a plastic bag as a croakbladder. At the BSO has Nathalie Mensink prepared this for the children so that they can make their own frog. Read how it was made?

Photos below are from Pixabay


What do you need?

- Empty cardboard tea box

- Plastic bag

- Adhesive pen

- Adhesive tape

- Green and red craft paper

- Wobble eyes

- Paper straw

- Green chenille thread

How to make it?

1. Measure and paste a tea box with green paper { op papier leggen en dan aftekenen)

2. Draw a piece on the size of the tea box for the frog head with 2 eyes on top

3. Stick this to the front of the tea box

4. Attach a paper straw with adhesive tape and a plastic bag together so that the straw on that side is airtight

5. Now make a hole in the back of the tea box

6. From the inside (the bag comes in the box) take the straw through the tea box

7. On the outside of the tea box (back) a straw protrudes

8. By blowing on the straw, you blow the plastic bag full and the frog's mouth will open

9. Draw a red tongue and stick it to the bottom of the tea box on the front

10. Now it's become a frog and you can make it move!





Fun children's books about the frog!

Master Frog

Hilarious classic by Paul van Loon about a very unusual master. For readers of seven years and older.

“Sometimes I'm a frog. That's my super secret. No one can know except you.'

Sita, Wouter and the other kids in the classroom laugh. Cute joke from the master. Until one day he comes into class with duckweed in his hair. His clothes are wet and torn. The master was attacked by a stork, he says..

Buy it here

Sitting still like a frog

Eline Snel comes after 'Sitting still like a frog' with a follow-up: the 'Workbook sitting still like a frog'. This is the first workbook for children from 5 to 8 years to concentrate by means of the method of frog. It includes 80 funny and useful activities to do alone or with a parent to find peace and quiet. Children are often restless or stressed at home and at school. To teach them to be calm and attentive, Eline Snel has developed a simple meditation form. This allows children to become aware of their body and emotions and thus become more open to others

Buy it here

Out of an egg! - The life course of a frog

In the series Uit een ei! you can read about the life of animals coming out of an egg or an egg. This book is about frogs. You grow bigger and bigger in your life. But a frog changes completely: from a tadpole to a frog that can breathe on land. You will find out a lot of special. For example, frogs catch prey with their long tongue! After reading this book, you look at frogs with different eyes.

Buy it here

See here the film of the original maker: Papo da Professora Denise

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