Garden troubles of Dot... The beginning...

Monday, March 1, 2021...

With the spring approaching and the better weather I started to work carefully in my garden the last few days (read: jungle). A few bushes I pruned away so hard a while ago that I wasn't sure if they would live, but luckily I already see some foothills with knobs. Also here and there there is a crocus that held strong among all the weeds. I discovered that there was another climbing hydrangea hidden under a lot of prickly blackberries and my lilacs survived the surviving.

Spiny affair, by the way, those blackberries.. I only now understand why that prince from the fairy tales took so long to get to the Sleeping Beauty. No getting through to. Although I love blackberries very much, I don't think the bush is very friendly.. despite long sleeves and leather work gloves, his spines prick quite. My tactic to get in between by cutting branches with my pruner shears takes quite a bit of time.

The green cloth attached to the divider, which was stuck in the ground with hooks, had become quite loose due to the wind (and by a few hands of awkward neighbors). Because my budget is not enough to put a completely new fence, I was looking for a solution to keep the canvas in place. First weeded the weeds so that I could secure the canvas back in the ground with more hooks and then put a layer of soil on top so that it is now buried in a piece. I'm curious whether it will stay in place now. Sturdy work because creating that earth did ask for some power.


My vegetable garden bin also made weed-free so I can put some different herbs back in it soon or maybe strawberries or spinach, I have to take a look at all.

Also released the stepping stones I made myself a few years ago...

I bought a chopper so that I can get the mountain of cut branches that are now in the garden, which is also quite a task, but I put through. Although I do have muscle pain and I feel about every bone in my body painfully protest.

I sometimes forget I'm not twenty anymore.. LOL

Well, that's it for today.. Soon more will follow in this garden perikels-story.