Ghost in the bottle (small follow-up story)

Part three in my interpretation of the writing challenge of May by Hans van Gemert.

Part 1 and 2 below.

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I have to say, this is understandable, and now that we are in this situation, we better make the best of it.

I'm meeting with Hanneke, my wife, and we're each going to take our share of the rescue attempt.

We go inside and get to see a wonderful world where first in the little house of our minimen, but later through corridors, squares and other houses, a whole system of civilization can be found.

Already walking with Jara and Mr. Minimens I ask him how it is, that they are so small. “Well, we used to be as big as you, but here near the port a ship has perished from which a poisonous cloud has come off, that cloud has reduced us all and we have been lucky enough. that we were smart enough to store those fumes that were released back then in vials.

At that time, too, there was a separation between loved ones and families. Some of the big people went to the wreck of the ship in a rescue operation and found residues of the chemical composition there. On board was a complete laboratory. That's how we found out that the process is reversible. In our central hall there is a very large bottle and there is the vapor in it. I really don't want to keep you prisoners at all. I just wanted to make sure you'd like to help us. So we're gonna go over there and you can fill your own little bottles.

Jara and I are getting a little bottle in our hands. And when we arrived at the hall we have to use this: It was only a small bottle. Very carefully, I turned the cap off and... As a matter of fact, the vapor from the bottle seemed to run into our small bottles.

I couldn't resist asking you, “And when you were growing up, where did you live?

“Above, there are a few more houses if it's okay, but maybe the earthquake destroyed them”

“But, were those houses your property?”

“Yes, of course, they still are, there is one of us living in such a house now and then to protect the environment, now Darik is up there.”

“So you have the property acts too?”

“Huh, yes of course, we prefer to live here, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten up there”.

“Well, it's actually very simple, they're building up there and I think they're doing that on your ground, the earthquakes, that's just piling poles here in the ground”

“They can't be that stupid, the bottom is half rock bottom, you can't get those poles in there.”

We decide it's time to go upstairs together. Miraculously, there's just a staircase leading to one of the houses and there we find Darik, sick in bed. He's been unable to move for months.