Happy Valentine's Day... a little humor

#valentinesday Happy Valentine's Day for my friends from Yoors, it is to see that man always tries to look for the positive side of adversity, I got this article to give a little humor to Valentine's Day in the middle of the covid 19 pandemic, there goes the Article
The ad, initially shown on the Jimmy Kimmel show, shows a man who gives his partner a Pfizer vaccine

Sofia Solorzano C - lsolorzano@larepublica.com.co

The week ends with humor. During the show of American comedian Jimmy Kimmel, a parody video was presented in which a man gives his partner a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

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The propaganda, which is starting to become viral, looks like a typical Valentine's Day ad in which the characters promote a luxurious gem, but the voice-over of the video announces: “Give him what he has always been waiting for this year: a vaccine against covid-19".
The man not only gives her the vaccine against the virus, but he seems to make a decision by putting the dose of Pfizer in a jewelry box. Eventually, propaganda invites users to “be vaccinated with love".

“The vaccine against the covid-19 from Pfizer is nowhere available," concludes the funny video that Kimmel shares, who has collected more than 13,000 visits after one day since its publication.