Yoors - Corona Positive -Challenge

What's positive about the Corona Crisis?
Make a post on https://yoo.rs with at least this hashtag: #YoorsCoronaPositiveChallenge .

  1. Collect points on your post with the hearts. (Yoors Love)
  2. NOTE: You can easily ask others to vote for you because they will receive a small bundle of 200YP when registering.
  3. Your post may contain anything if it answers this question: What is positive about the Corona Crisis?
  4. This Challenge lasts until Sunday 29 March.
  5. On Monday we will see together who has become the winner.
  6. The winner is the post with the most votes in: #YoorsCoronaPositiveChallenge
  7. Of course, this post (the announcement of the challenge) does not count as a possible winner.
  8. Posts that contain the hashtag but have no relation to the question: 'What's positive about the Corona Crisis? ' are considered spam and are not eligible for the price.
  9. Because you got the most votes, you already collected a lot of Yps in the run-up to it.
  10. The winner will receive 101.000 Yp = 101 euros / 101 $ from me through the winning post.
  11. We invite creators worldwide. Everyone can participate.

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