How should you iron?

How should you iron? I never iron. No pants, no shirts, no towels, no sheets. No blouses, no dresses, no skirts, no socks. No cardigans, no underwear, no shirts. Ironing is a terrible occupation. I can't imagine there are people who iron everything. That they love it, when everything is nice and tight in the closet. They love to fold in the pants and fold in your shirt.

Sure, if you have a job at the office, you're expected to wear a shirt. Or another important function somewhere. Maybe you like wearing tightened shirts. And then you can't go a way and you'll have to pull out your ironing board.

You can take it to an ironing service. Or maybe you have a partner who wants to do it for you. If not, then you will indeed have to do it yourself. It sucks for you!

Photo: stevepb

Garments that wrinkle? I don't have them. I don't buy them and I don't wear them. Ironing? I'm not, I don't want to, and I'm never going to. A towel, tea towel, washcloth, pillow cover or sheet, it can be wrinkled in the house. Cuffs!

Then don't ask me how to iron. Ask your mother, your aunt, your neighbor or your girlfriend. Or, watch one of the videos below on how to iron. Success!

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