I found them! the birthfields of the snowmen!

I told you yesterday about the snowmen, the snow mermaids, the winter king and the being born of the snowmen after passing various tests, including the flake test. Link

Today I was actually going to take beautiful pictures of the sunrise. The Saharazand would create great images. About that in another blog more. Now I'm telling you about those birth fields!


Now the snow is wiping away, the ice is melting, yes, now the snowmen are coming. So those air bubbles are free. The tests must be completed and the great journey to the two poles can begin.

Oh I was so glad I found some of the bubbles visible in the ice. But I knew there had to be more. Large fields in which many bubbles had to be hidden. Huge groups are trained here. And this year we succeeded again!

The Terrible Snowman on our Poles has a job to do!

I so hope for his sake that he succeeded in finding that snow queen.

Oh yes, of course, you don't believe me. I'm going to have to prove that those birth certificates really exist.

Well, they do. Are you watching with me?

The amazing air immediately reflects the mystical atmosphere that hangs around the birth of so many snowmen. Or would these be females (due to the pink color)


A huge field, all holes, they would all have been filled? And would they have the tests have endured?

Up close it is still visible that there is snow here. The ice is formed by it, the structure has become more open.


It must have been millions of snowmen. What a lucky thing I found them.! I'm so curious about the journey they're going to make. Who knows if any of you know more about these extraordinary creatures.