I am asking new members in the short guide to write a proper introduction.
So we can really give you a warm welcome. Because it is not so easy to respond to a three word introduction :)
Please follow these tags so you can meet them.

Which # should we add in the introduction ?

Where are you from ? #Iamfrom

  • Henkjan de Krijger from :
  • Gouda the Netherlands.
  • Born in 1972. Hardinxveld - Giessendam.

What do you study or is your profession? #Study #Job

  • I studied Psychology in Leiden and Bachelor of Science (Comm. Ing.) The Hague
  • Business owner: Krossover. Producer of Musical Theatre with @Tania Kross 
  • Business owner : Yoors.

What do you like most ? #likemost

What's your hobbies ? #hobbies

  • Yoors.
  • Piano playing (love/hate)
  • Music!
  • My garden and my dogs.

Where are you gonna use the money you earn at Yoors for ? #money

  • I put all in Yoors.

What are you looking for ? #Iamlookingfor

  • You.
  • Connection.
  • Love.
  • Achieving goals.
  • Beautiful posts @ Yoors.

What do you watch, read, listen ? #WatchReadListen

  • Follow my posts !
  • Everything i can learn about Music. Health. Life.
  • I am a student till i die.

So cut and paste an let me know which questions we should add ?

A proper introduction.

Comment with a minimum of 10 words.
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