Hi everyone,

I am a freelancer, I love jogging, playing soccer both physically and in video game (I love basketball too), reading and writing, discovering new cultures around the world is something I particularly value. Actually i essentially live off of freelancing online. Internet is generally a huge tool that we have; although it needs constant improvements to go into the right direction.

I want to first of all to congratulate ant give thanks to the Sir behind this project, @Henkjan de Krijger . This is a great and noble project. You know? Sometimes life is funny how it turns around. Not that long time ago, I was thinking about finding a platform where I could express my thoughts (as I've always done on the big social medias till now; such as : Facebook, Instagram, YouTube under other people's videos), and get rewarded for doing it. My writings are all about saying in the best possible articulated manner (at least I try), my opinions on mostly social problems to improve humanity.

An now, I find this platform. how great is that! Not only video artists should be rewarded. The spontaneous writers should be rewarded as well for their skills in constructing and expressing their knowledge through writing.

I will stop there for now, since I'll get back here some often to witness how this platform is going... I hope that it'll be a serious platform. Too many good projects start most of the time, and then get swamped because of a lack of integrity.

Good bye to all of you wherever you are on this planet that we all share despite our differences. :)

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