Hello here i am, my introduction in English

@Henkjan de Krijger  is asking new members tot write a proper introduction, in the link below he introduces himself. I am not a new member of yoo.rs, and introduce myself a year ago in dutch, but now my Yoo.rs posts are found more and more by non dutch people, I want to introduce myself in English too. Excuse me if my English is not so good, but I will try to do my best 😊

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Hello here i am, my introduction in English

So here I go!

Where are you from ?

  • Sabrina Jansen from :
  • Fijnaart the Netherlands, yes indeed the town of Frans Bauer and Ogene.
  • Born in 1987. Fijnaart - Heijningen.

What do you study or is your profession?

  • I studied HBO Nurse in Avans Breda
  • Business owner: Childminder at childminder shelter 't Speelmaatje

What do you like most ?

  • My three boys – Alex, Joey and Sylvester
  • My husband Richard
  • Our Jack russel dog Max, our farmcats Baileys and Felix
  • Coffee, cant start and finish the day without a good cup of coffee
  • In this particular order

What's your hobbies ?

  • Yoors / writing and reading
  • Walking with the dog Max
  • Playing guitar
  • Music
  • Making crafts with kids and make my own activity's 
  • Coocking

Where are you gonna use the money you earn at Yoors for ?

  • I’m going to safe it for later, so my three boys can study too. But a little bit I earn I will spend on study for myself, so I can still be learning something new everyday

What are you looking for ?

  • Online friendship
  • Interaction
  • Good blogs
  • Tasty food
  • New knowledge

What do you watch, read, listen ?

  • Videoland, GTST – Westenwind – Soaps – Real life documentary’s and thrillers
  • Yoors posts about love, life, knowledge, information, animals, recipes
  • I love to look at photography
  • And when i read books, they are the books of Stephen King

I hope you liked it to know me a little bit better, and as promise here is the link to the introduction of HenkJan and the older one from me in Dutch. If you want to know more about me, don’t hesitate and ask your question in the reaction box below, and maybe I can tell you the answer

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Kindly regards, Sabrina Jansen from the Netherlands