Hiiii everyone, my name is Kristina Miloš, and I'm noobie over here, as I wrote in my first post yesterday. If you are curious, you can use the next link and follow for more: here

Anyhow, I could use some proper introduction than I gave, so here it goes..... #imnewhere
Dear Yoors community I would like to present me as my headline stands for Child of Nature. #Childofnature

Where are you from?
I'm from a small Central European and Mediterranean country, Croatia. Born in Đakovo,  moved around whole being a child made me develop nomad habits. So, at the moment when I will have my wardrobe in the same place at the same time, I'll be happy to tell you from what area of Croatia I am, that's our intern joke about our nomad style of life. #joke But also, I'm fond of thinking that I'm from wherever I have a feeling of "being home" and Croatia definitely fits the given profile. But lately, I have the desire to call Earth my home. My dream is to sail the world, write and create some amazing adventures with my family and people Universe brings on my paths and journeys.

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What do you study or is your profession?
I study political science, on FPZG at Zagreb University! I have a big love for writing and hoping to transform a hobby into a flexible job. I enjoy writing about everything, so this whole experience on Yoors should be my unique way of expressing my shelf creatively in various ways. So, looking forward to being a blogger and story writer, poet but also kind of philosopher in my political views so mix of various stuff :D

My season work is a guide on the rivers and the see so I'm ambitious about having my own adventure travel agency after school. Being on the field with a group of tourists, taking them on activities like river kayaking or hiking, can test your ability to lead and react properly in the best possible way; when your guest does not even notice he was in kind of danger. I love being a field trip guide. I also have military experience that influenced deeply my working habits and approach to leading and organization in general. Besides that, I enjoy creating content people could have the benefit of, so here I'm, ready to learn and interact with people who are interested in subjects. I have lots of interests as you can see, and I'll share most of them here.  

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What do you like most?
1. My man, best friend, and my love❤ we are a family of two, for now, trying their best to live up to their dreams!

2. Litlle village in Dalmatia where I grow up, and summers are endless, Rogoznica. We actually live in a camp trailer ready to move on our summer job on river Zrmanja. Totally switch and torn over to nature. (On this part I'll soon have a special post very soon). Did I mention writing? xD

3. I have a big passion for adventure tourism, promoting sport and nature in combination, and the best part of it - it's my country proudly to show others when they come on holidays! So, the diversity of natural beauty accessible in Croatia never stops amazes me in that way, it's my muse 😄 , And love towards it makes me love the whole world as my destination and home at the same time, so ready to share our way of life and joy behind it.

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What are your hobbies?
Were to start........?

1.  Yoga, running, dancing. Freedom of movement with the body is my signature, agility and physical strength make me a better young woman. I enjoy water sports like kayaking, swimming or snorkeling, breath diving, sup but also camping and fishing 😄
2. Writing stories, poems, and spiritually inspiring posts. I like showing the beauty of written thought through emotions, symbols metaphors but psychoanalysis and philosophy are my subjects also. Being creative in general with colors and different styles of art (can wait to share all with my new community)
3. Gardening and guitar playing. I enjoy tea and I'm making domestic herbal teas. Using them, not only for the pleasure of hot nature taste of health but also as medicine. Do not trust the pharmacy industry or doctors, so that's also a hobby for me lately haha xD

4. And most recent- Yoors :)

5. I also have few other interests like shamanic healing, astrology, and meditation. Those are joung hobbies, just scratching a surface of the subject, so if there are others who know more (as if there are a teacher willing to pass the knowledge to a student free xD)  I'll be glad to discuss it.

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Where are you gonna use the money you earn at Yoors for?
I will use the money as a confirmation that I can earn some money from my writings and creations for starters :D and then I will probably buy my fiance and myself some tasty ice cream to celebrate!

#money #income #healthyfood #newproject #moneyflow #myenergyismycurrency

What are you looking for?
    1.new experiences, connections, friendships,
    2. nature lovers ready to be mindblown by showing them some of the best spots in Croatia and in that way promote active life stile in nature, but also spreading the importance of ecology and choosing eco-friendly lifestyle for humans in general
    3. build a community of people interested in all topics
    4. And the biggest one, saved for the end: hoping to bring joy or a smile on a face of a reader 😄

#Iamlookingfor #justsmile #positivity #spredingthelight

What do you watch, read, listen to?
I enjoy watch fantasy series, they inspire my already wild imagination. I love watching animated movies and cartoons. I read a lot and I write a lot. These days I'm into spiritual books and videos. Also, I listen to birds singing every evening and even answer with a whistling; not only we make a decent tune, we kind of text to each other, so there is that! I also talk to my imaginary friend, there is that! Kidding.

#WatchReadListen #Nature #soundsofnature #joke #animatedmovie #documentary

So if you like my messages and what to support me check my Redboble webshop with some designs I come up with. Click, comment, like, buy, enjoy P.S I know I should make another one with my alias. Work in progress. Tell me what you guys thinking :D


Thank you, everyone, for your support :) In my next post, I'll share my poem :)
Sincerely Yours,
Child of Nature <3

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