Eva and Koen have a serious conversation about skating

“I wonder what skating feels like.” Eva’s thrill came as if sung far away from where they were.

Koen was still under the spell of Eva’s statement that she would move in with him to a new branch*

“Uh…why’s that? We can fly.”

“It’s not the same thing. Flying is natural. In skating you must make it look like absolutely natural. Easy, without the slightest difficulty…”

“Ok,ok, got your point! What I don’t understand is why you wish to skate.”

“Because I’ve been watching ice dance on TV, in the living room of the house down there. It is a sport of pure beauty with its bold, yet graceful movements.”

“You mean ice skating?”

“I mean ice dance. A modality of the sport of figure skating. That’s where a man and a woman skating together perform a complex footwork, including spins, twizzles, step sequences and a limited kind of lifts.”

Koen nodded in admiration.

“You’re brave. Look at the screen and let’s try to imitate them.” - Eva twittered.

Koen complied and gave her the happiest of smiles.

Looking surreptitiously, Eva saw on the screen the display of all the censored love kisses in Giuseppe Tornatore’s movie Cinema Paradiso. "Someone must have switched to a film channel" - she thought to herself, not feeling disappointed at all.

*A/N: I rely on Naturefreak’s report about this event in the couple’s life. Naturefreak is considered among the Yoors Community to be a very reliable source


written in response to photowords challenge of January 2021 created by @Naturefreak and also to fit in the theme of ice skating.