Innovation in publishing? (of books)

For years we have been reading books out of the closet and to be honest I love that, but with the current technique I think there are other possibilities, innovative, challenging and also fun to read. Since I would very much like to be one of the writers in such a setup. I put this innovative thought on paper.


The future of reading.

A few months ago, I was part of a brainstorm, a great brainstorm. We zaten samen bij de @gasfabriek in Deventer. A number of involved people who have a vision. A vision of what the future will look like. A great vision! But it was a vision that had yet to take shape.
In this brainstorm this was going to happen. In advance, a few rules were indicated, rules that had to steer towards freer thinking, no restrictions and can go completely the other way. Delicious!
Within Codidact (one of the companies of the Gasfabriek), a number of companies that want to go for growth. That can be growth from nothing to something, a kind of start-up, but also growth to a higher level, scale-up. These companies were also represented. All with a link to education. So, with a number of bollebose people together, the vision of a few real breed entrepreneurs, that's how future is written.
I sat there as a one-pipper, I happen to represent education. Yet I think that it is precisely this way of working, this way of thinking, that there is one that really suits me very much.
Yes, I too often brainstorm for myself. Actually, I would very much like to be one of those companies within the same gas plant. I tried, but unfortunately I didn't manage to really generate an audience.

Now my reading idea!

It would be great if there was a race entrepreneur out there somewhere in the big world. A breed entrepreneur who sees opportunities in the ideas I have. So at this once a first move. I went brainstorming myself about the future. In this case, the future of us read. Books may be less attractive in the future, but what happens instead?

My cause? I had written a book, a different book than, “The sunset of the sun can count on a good rise." It has actually been published and is now printed in my bookcase. No, I'm talking about a real story. With that story, I went to different publishers. The strange thing is, the publishers who are interested in my story are only willing to publish it as a printed version. why? Because e-books are too easy to distribute without having to buy them.

Strange, and no one dived into it! The answer seemed so simple! In the different textbooks you can actually see it everywhere. You will receive a type of login code with the book, a code associated with your IP address, for example, and that code will allow you to obtain underlying information in a specific environment. why kan dat niet met een gewoon leesboek?
Het antwoord is ook weer vrij simpel. Because then you would have to place part of the story digitally outside the original book and that would scare away readers. But is that so?

Yes, I have to say that I myself would not have to download the next chapter before I can continue reading. Then the book should be really terrifying good. (as a beginner writer, I do not have the illusion that I can deliver it).
Unless we read differently! I actually think that's what's going to happen! I think you all know the story of Tolkien? The spell of the ring? And have you had moments while reading that you would love to know the sequel of just that one character? This is only pages further and often does not run parallel to the story you have to read first.

So you can do that in an e-book. An e-book in which you can experience a story from different perspectives. Of course you have a protagonist in your book. A man or a woman, maybe an animal or some other creature. In that same book, you build a kind of band with different characters. Wouldn't it be great if you could read the story from a different perspective while reading it?
Yes, that requires a different way of writing, a different way of thinking, maybe even a different way of shaping. I can also imagine that one reader would like to read the story as text, while the other would like to see illustrations incorporated into the story.
This type of additions can be made available online behind a code. You could even incorporate film footage into it.

The entire interaction, possibly even reading with others, sympathy with the characters and even being able to express that on a platform. Isn't that the future of us reading? I hope so!
I am the writer who would like to help shape this. I need the entrepreneur who wants to take this journey, who shares this vision. A programmer who can make it, I think even a designer who makes the visual side attractive. Yes, besides writing, I am of course also the question beacon, the visionary and the person who keeps nagging to get it optimal.
Are there perhaps people who want to trees together on how to realize this falls? Maybe here in this area?