Create an instruction movie via screenshot.

We work massively from home. Teaching also has to be done through the computer nowadays.
But how do you do that when you have to teach younger children? Children who can't always follow live on a screen?

Many parents don't have different computers at their disposal.
I started looking for a way to reach children, where they can work independently with something they already know.

Nowadays, just about every child is used to watch YouTube videos.
That's why I record my lessons and put them on YouTube.
However, I prefer not to come into the picture myself, but work with screenshots.

How to do this, I explained step by step in the video below.
All you need is a computer...
You can be a layman in the field of computers, even then you will still be able to do it!

Some more tips:

-> Try first if the sound of the built-in microphone on your computer is good enough. Sometimes this will sound too quiet. -> This can be solved by using a headset or headphones. -> I spoke in the video via good headphones with bluetooth connection.

Good luck!

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