Is Leonie's nephew Siem Straciatella?

#Leonie is a woman in her 40s, she could be your neighbor. After her divorce, she builds her new life. With neighbor Mandy she has dinner appointments of the good kind: Mandy cooks! Love also comes around the corner, with all the consequences that entails.

“Martijn had another question,” said Leonie and she winked at Michiel. Michiel looked at Martijn interested. Martijn looked at Leonie with question marks in his eyes. He had forgotten his curiosity about the possible ice names of his nephew. “Martijn wondered if Siem still has a nice second name, such as straciatella or cookie dough for example.” Martijn knew it now and looked at Michiel curiously. “Aha. Then I must disappoint you, boy,” said Michiel. “Although it would have been a good idea. No, Siem is just Siem, no extra names. He is one little boy and therefore only has one name.”

“How did Demi find her brother?” In the meantime, Leonie asked Dagmar. “She's completely melted,” said Dagmar. “We had to mop her up,” she laughed. “She comes after dinner again, then with Stijn.” “That's nice,” said Leonie approvingly.

They didn't stay long. A rusk with blue mice was eaten and Julia and Ismay were allowed to have the baby in turn on their lap. Even Martijn wanted that. Of course, the presents were given and then Leonie announced that they were going home again. Her children looked disappointed. “Already?” Ismay complained. “Yes, maternity visit never lasts so long. Dagmar has worked hard and they haven't slept all night, so we're going home. We're going to take another look at Siem,” said Leonie.

When he came home, Leonie went into the kitchen to cook. Ismay sat at her desk making a picture of baby Siem, complete with his happy parents. Leonie had enjoyed her little nephew. Babies are so small and cute! At the same time, she had to stop thinking about having such a small handstrap. Small and cute they desperately needed to compensate for the amount of work that such a little one provided. No, Leonie was happy that her children were already a lot bigger. Her mind wandered into the neighboring apartment where Mandy was. Tomorrow night, she would see her again, feel her again. That was also an advantage of a divorce: that she had her hands free to do what she wanted when the children were with Erik!