Is Yoors helping me save?

People who follow me on Yoors might know that I emigrated to Spain to move in with my friend.

As a result, I have no income (they don't know any assistance here or anything like that) but my friend has a house and takes care of the basic things like food & clothing. Finding work in Spain is difficult my English & Spanish are (yet) not good enough.

I therefore focus my time & energy on cleaning & keeping the house and do so with great pleasure (also occasionally reluctantly). In addition, I like to bake & cook.

This makes it difficult for me to buy something I would love to have.

It's hard for me to pamper myself with something nice or delicious. Now I'm used to not having much money, at home this was also a thing. I had to save for everything myself and get my money everywhere myself. I could buy (almost) nothing for myself at that time. Luckily I have Yoors and I blog here with great pleasure. Yoors is also my only source of income and I am glad there is something like Yoors. Although I don't earn so much, I'm happy with everything that comes in. Now my monkey comes out of the sleeve:)


To many of you, this may sound like a luxury problem.

But I moved out for love, left a lot and faced a lot of uncertainty.

On top of that also a lot of negativity in the sense of you are crazy that you do this, well you can imagine something.

We have been living together for more than two years now and I am very happy with my choice.

Yet it is sometimes difficult.. As I said, the language is a thing and my background doesn't make it easier to go out alone (although it's not allowed at the moment).

My friend has a full-time job, which is why there are days when I'm bored at home.

Since March 2O the game Animal Crossing has been released (will be a separate blog about it) for the Nintendo Switch (a little more about this) it is really a super fun game (also more about this in my next blog).

Now, of course, that only comes out on one platform the Switch that we unfortunately don't have.

Now I have decided to save for this with me is saving so a lot of months or even longer.

I know this blog is not the solution, but it is the first step.

What I want to ask you is the following, would you please share my blog with friends so that at least I get the 100 views for extra motivation. Of course you can also follow me (I write nice blogs) or leave a heart on my post and help me save up for my future Nintendo Switch.

Of course I only like that especially at this time... No, not the Corona time but that long time I will save:) When I finally have it (thanks to Yoors) it seems super fun to make an unboxing about it.

The Nintendo Switch in short:

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid game console from Nintendo, you can play with it both at home and on the go. The Switch is a tablet like device that can be put in a holder, so it can be connected to the television.

If you do this, the images will be broadcast in 1080p at 19020 pixels. If you play with it on the go or separately from the television, the resolution is from 720p to 1280 pixels. The battery lasts about two and a half hours.

The cheapest Nintendo Switch is 289 euros and then I don't have the game for me.

Don't think I'm going to spend so much money for just one game I loved my Nintendo Wii but that was also my sisters and I had to leave behind in the Netherlands so also Mario, Luigi, Zelda and my favorite game the Nintendogs can be added after long saving.

The game Animal Crossing I can happily get second hands.

The Switch is also available for sale, but that second hand business currently asks for the Switch the same as what it costs in some offers.

And I'm not going to spend that amount without a guarantee, I'm saving too long for that.


I hope you have read my blog with pleasure, enjoy the beautiful days in the Netherlands! And thank you for every support you give me:).