JESUS JA Eu nee nee vlog 2 from political party Jesus Lives with reaction of Marko Zwier

JESUS YES and the Eu nee nee vlog 2 of political party Jesus Lives with reaction of Marko Zwier


Another message from my webmaster MKZ Marko Zwier:

Support Statement - - 19 electoral regions need 30 and 1 choose region 10.

Also help you, that Jesus Lives can also be voted where you can vote, without having to go to another place to vote.

Info to the video on youtube of the #party #jesus #lives self:
Now from the EU this was a very clear but also ununderstood message at the time of the founding of the party!

We as a political party JESUS LIVE want to announce the happy message in the coming time, also via youtube! Through this vlog we show that FOLLOWING JESUS is the best for the Netherlands, for you, for everyone!

Choose JESUS!

Change begins with every Dutchman himself, Jesus has come for the whole world, also for the Dutch. If we follow Jesus together, everything will be better! Choosing Jesus can bring real change in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world. The gospel of Jesus Christ has already changed so many lives and it can also change your life.

What does JESUS LIVE edit!?

We are a party where the rules of life of JESUS apply. The double rainbow represents the salvation of JESUS!

We are a party that stands up for a just society, a party which does not stand by its side and who stands up for its views!

We are a party that does not accept injustice, a party that serves the citizens, a party where charity is the basis, a party where people are more important than enforcement of rules, a party where every human being can be unique!

The party that believes in God's Word, revealed in the Bible! A party that wants to act and walk according to God's Word! The party that wants the best for everyone! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that every one who believes in him,
Do not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

RESPON from me webmaster Marko Zwier on the video on youtube:

I have doubts if it is a good idea to leave the EU. I see in both with stay in the EU and go out of the EU pros and cons. I also try to look biblically ahead with what I learn from the Bible and the developments in the world. Staying in the EU brings good but also bad things. The EU also produces bad but also good things.

I want to vote for Jesus Left in 2021 in the constituency of Overijssel. But the political party Jesus Lives needs support declarations. That is then at least 30. Me and I know a number of others who want to do that and it might be more. I must have completed it myself first and go to the municipality with a support statement before I ask others. So I know how to do it and can help the other and explain what to do.


I also look for people in the region of Twente who want to compete to a greater or lesser extent for this party. See and for more information and contact possibilities. Among other things also shared here: Ysid=102591

Shalom Marko Swier


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