Kerst als jaarlijks refrein

Ik plaats dit kerstgedicht hier op de vierde adventszondag. Steeds dichter komen we bij het jaarlijkse kerstfeest. En steeds belangrijker wordt de vraag: ‘Wat verwachten wij nu eigenlijk?’.

Jarenlang plakte ik zelfgeschreven gedichten op mijn kerstkaarten. Dit is er één van, uit de oude doos.

Gedicht 'Jaarlijks refrein' 


Soms is het heel moeilijk vol vreugde te zijn

Omdat het weer Kerst is, want er is toch nog pijn?

Toch mag je dan weten dat juist dankzij Kerst

De pijn, ja, al het kwade echt is uitgeperst. 

Het leed is geleden, dat is wat God zegt.

De strijd is gestreden, door Jezus beslecht.

Al denk je misschien dat de pijn overwint,

God laat daardoor zien dat Hij iets nieuws begint!

Welk leed je ook lijdt, hoe jij je ook voelt,

Steeds mag je weten: Kerst is voor jou bedoeld.

De Heer kwam op aarde voor mij en voor jou.

Hij laat je niet zitten in vuur, noch in kou.

Zijn leven is voor ons een krachtbron, een Brood.

Daaruit kun je putten in angst en in nood.

Laat dit Kerstfeest nu dus een mooi startpunt zijn

En in de rest van je leven: een jaarlijks refrein.


Meer gedichten staan in de Collecties Christelijk gedicht en Algemene gedichten.

Een aantal andere blogs over Kerstmis zijn te vinden in de Collectie Christelijke feestdagen.

Wil je ook meeschrijven, maar ben je nog geen lid van Yoors?

Meld je dan hier aan…

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Comment and receive 25 YP 25
#fromtheotherside   #fromtheotherside Hello very but very good days Greetings and blessings in abundance for all, I send many, lots of kisses and hugs to all toditos my friends of yoors my name is Jhade and I am Venezuelan. I love writing and writing publications and narrating many things that have happened to me as experiences or anything I get a story whether real or fantasy although it can also be a combination of reality and fantasy at the same time and if I'm sincere it is my passion to be a writer or cartoonist ok Taking advantage of this opportunity in which I report this writing I'm going to tell you my experience with this fatal virus and tell you the truth not only I learned to accept my relatives as they were, and to love them and to respect them, I also learned to be very responsible when using the cap, using gel antibacterial, greet my friends by sign without using hands, washing often and very often my hands, bathing when I just get to my house I changed the sheets on my beds, in the end almost let's say I became obsessive compulsive when it is cleaning and cleaning the floors of the home very well with disinfectants and chlorines all so much that I didn't even know what to use for this coronavirus will not enter my home, we disinfected footwear with many antiseptic solutions, masks, gloves and all measures of correct biosecurity to avoid any possibility of getting infected my relatives and me, since this virus is very dangerous, i've seen friends die of relatives, and also to have patience since in those weeks in which could not leave because of the radical quarantine I desperate a great do you imagine not being able to go out to the corner? Affsss I almost turn crazy hahahaha I had to start using relaxing songs that I already had time without putting music of that kind hehe is that I already had my hair very but muuy tip with so much stress and listening only the word covid and affssss I had to start reading many but many and lots of books and all kinds, to achieve clear my mind a little about the reality of covid 19, in short it could be cir that was 100% a great madness and very desperate, almost explodes the coconut head that I have hahahahaha, no longer knew what to do or who else to talk to that were not my relatives because they were always busy and I desperate wanting to express myself, because apart from writer I'm a little talking and jocosa and affsss it was a huge torture to have to wait for the end of the quarantine and thus be able to talk again with my great friends and be able to talk about novels, stories, unrequited loves, strange or failed experiences, unfulfilled goals, that is more material for my novels jijiji (PS: If you read this friends mine i love them a lot of ooooooooooooo toditos) I missed them so much that I just started to write novels about them and the experiences I have lived with them and all those silly adventures that so excited me to remember them as they fill me like happiness lol