Kimmie in Ko in Amsterdam

Since Kimmie and Ko have been infected with the travel virus for years, they have embarked on a new journey around the world.
Because they were a bit homesick for the Netherlands, they decide to visit Amsterdam first.

'We are there!' calls Kimmie delighted.
'I'm curious what kind of animals live here,' says Ko.
'Look there's a rat,' says Kimmie.
'I'd rather skip it,' says Ko.
“Let's take a look at those beautiful canals?' proposes Kimmie.
'Soon, 'says Ko. “Let's eat first. I'm hungry!'
“You're always hungry," Kimmie sighs. “Where do you want to eat, anyway?'
“At that French fries tent over there, of course.'
“Go ahead, then.'
The two canaries gently sneak between the chairs of the terrace. They don't want to be seen, because people are dangerous creatures.
But they're not the only birds coming for the leftovers. Three fat city pigeons keep watch. And they do not like competition.
'Go away!' they shout. “This is our territory.'
“No way! “Kimmie scratches. She starts fighting with the threesome, while Ko eats his belly full. When the pigeons see him, he flies away quickly.
That's when it's time for Kimmie to gather her food. So they take turns distracting the pigeons.
After a few minutes they stop and dive into the bushes.
'That's how we get our exercise,' Kimmie panted. She looks back at Ko because she doesn't hear back from him. In shock, she sees him with his head going back and forth.
“What kind of weird moves are you making?“ she yells.
“There's a piece of gum in my throat!'
“That's what you get when you eat human food off the ground.'
“Don't whine like that," Ko moans. “Help me before I suffocate!'
She comes behind him and hits her right wing on his back. The piece of gum shoots out of his throat and lingers between the feathers of Kimmie's left wing. 'A yuck!'
She tries to free herself from the sticky stuff. She strikes hard with her wings up and down. ‘Help me!' she cries out in panic.
Ko pulls with his beak on the chewing gum. There is a long string while the pair each pulls one way.
“What a terrible sticky stuff!' shouts Ko.
They flap their wings so wild that the dust blows around them. And just when they think they're stuck with the gum for good, the pink thing suddenly shoots loose.
The two canaries fall on their backs. That's where they stay until they finally catch their breath.
'Phew, I didn't know Amsterdam was such a dangerous city,' says Ko. 'Shall we move on again?'
'Good idea,' answers Kimmie. “How about you and I go to Paris? That seems like a romantic place." She gives Ko a hug.
“What are we waiting for?'