Let's celebrate World Poetry Day on Yoors!


  • To celebrate World Poetry Day, on 21 March 2021 I invite you to enter a poem of yours in the #poetry pool
  • The poem can be in any language, about any topic and either new or old
  • To help with the cost of the pool, I will give a heart of 100 Yoors points to every participant who follows two rules: the poem must be your own original creation; and it has to be entered in the #poetry pool on 21 March 2021 (Dutch time).

Every year, on 21 March, humanity celebrates one of its oldest and most symbolic forms of expression: Poetry.

Poetry is how some of the first human stories where set to words, and to this day it remains an important avenue for our need to express the self and the collective in complete freedom.

It is in honour of this treasured form of human expression that I propose to my fellow Yoorsies who are so inclined to take part in a friendly challenge for 21 March 2021.

I've noticed that the last prize in the poetry pool was awarded on 28 November 2020. That's a long time already.

What I propose is to bring this pool to life again on 21 March 2021, by entering a poem that you wrote.

The poem can be in any language and about any topic you wish. It doesn't need to be a recent poem, so feel free to dig through your old notebooks or old Yoors posts to find the just the right poem to share. You also don't need to be an experienced poetry writer: all it takes is something written from the heart, with love and care.

Since I wish for the highest possible number of Yoorsies to be able to participate in this initiative, and I do realise that not everyone might be able spare the 100 Yoors points necessary to participate in the pool, I hereby pledge to contribute to every participant's fee by giving a heart of 100 Yoors points to every person who joins this initiative. There are only two conditions to receive this heart: you have to enter the #poetry pool on 21 March 2021 (Dutch time) and the poem has to be your own creation. This does not include poems written by your family members/friends nor translations you made of poems written by others.

I would be really happy if this initiative is a success. Do let me know in the comments if you intend to participate, and have fun writing!

(Thank you to @Domz for the header image.)