Link between coronavirus and no ali express package

The coronavirus in China in the news or in the newspapers (even social media can't ignore it anymore). The Chinese lead over a violent flu. The coronavirus sounds like something very dirty, but in the end it's just a flu virus (only the circumstances in the country are different).

For weeks nothing received from ali express, alibaba, wish and other chinese webshops. This is true first it was of course Chinese New Year (they celebrate for 2 weeks) and do nothing for two weeks. The whole country celebrates and is actually silent. Now there is a precaution from the government and the coranavirus is not allowed to work until 10 February. Orders that you have placed or are going to place will be shipped at the earliest February 11th. Now that it has been idle for almost a month, it can also take a few days before your order is shipped.

I didn't know it was. I also notice that China is very different about this. We would let it know on the site what is going on. We would also reply to the emails that come in. Doing business is difficult because of the change in culture, I noticed. But that there is no rule on questions about where the order remains from almost 3 weeks ago and what has already been paid for, I find it strange.
Fortunately there was one who emailed me mail back and came with this information.

What I find strange is that the news hasn't said anything about this yet. In the vein of nonsense news but what people talk about news, so to speak. #coronavirus #griep #ziek #aliexpress #wish #china #virus