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Movie Review: The OLD Man "TV Series" 2022

This week I got a chance to watch a new action-spy tv series called "The Old Man". The show is about a former CIA officer who's living off the grid and finds himself on the run from people who want to kill him.

The Old Man is a spy thriller that's absolutely worth watching! Very well directed by Jon Watts the director of the recent Spider-Man trilogy and a horror movie called Clown all of which are excellent too.

The best things are surprisingly John Lithgow, as an old-hand espionage chief, Jeff Bridges as the lead, and the dogs.

Jeff Bridges is as terrific as always and does an incredible job making you believe he's still a badass at 72!

His dogs steal every scene they're in and remind me of the dogs from John Wick. The rest of the cast all are at the top of their game here too, especially John Lithgow (who rarely disappoints)!

I know there is a lot of really good spy shows out there to choose from but this has everything you want from a spy thriller and should definitely be seen.

The acting, writing, directing, etc.

Are all as good as it gets, FX always puts out great content and this show is no different!

The only bad thing about this show is we have to wait a week between episodes, I wish they released all of them at once like they do on Netflix but since it's on Network tv, I get it.

I'm really looking forward to more and recommend this to anyone who's a fan of spy thrillers!


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