A slaughterhouse full of infected butchers. Nice piece of meat, ma'am. The Vion slaughterhouse where De Groene Weg organic meat is slaughtered, closes due to corona. Turns out your local bio butcher, who knew exactly where his meat came from, is suddenly a daughter company of Vion. De Groene Weg processes 100,000th organic pig. De Groene Weg, the subsidiary of Vion that exclusively focuses on the procurement, production and neglect of organic meat, has grown strongly in recent years. Tuesday 11 December De Groene Weg reaches a milestone: the 100,000th organic pig is processed in Groenlo. It is the first time that De Groene Weg reaches this number in one year.

Barre working conditions of Romanians working in Dutch slaughterhouses
Meat companies Romanians working in slaughterhouses lead an existence of unpaid overtime, poor housing and a suffocating fear culture. “We feel treated like modern slaves.” https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2020/05/27/de-mannen-en-vrouwen-die-het-vlees-snijden-a4001069

Slaughterhouses have previously been exposed to vulnerability
Why meat processors are so vulnerable to the virus is not yet clear. In the United States and Germany, slaughterhouses had to close their doors after a large number of infections had taken place.

The virus rages through American meat factories
Meat Industry US Almost one in five employees in the meat industry in the US has corona. Factories fall silent and shelves become empty. In the meat town of Columbus Junction, Iowa, entire families are infected. Who sacrifices themselves to make the economy run?

Corona outbreak detected in border slaughterhouses
The rules in Belgian slaughterhouses would be stricter than in our neighbouring countries. Several slaughterhouses in Germany, France and the Netherlands have been closed because there have been outbreaks of the coronavirus in the staff. Belgium has been spared because the rules for slaughterhouses are stricter here, it sounds.
#slachthuizen What a rotten name!