People of Yoors: AstridTells

(1) When and why did you decide to join Yoors?

It was recommended to me by a very dear friend @ravena69 

(2) What feature or features of the platform have you used the most so far? Could you explain why?

The blog ... because it allows me to upload photos and write as much as I can

(3) Would you say that your significant life experience in dance will continue to be an important part of your contribution to Yoors, and if so, in what way?

Yes, because it makes it very easy for me to write and expose myself, and by giving myself all this, I have the opportunity to write in an intellectual way of dance, especially tribal dance of which there is not so much written. By doing this I will attract more dancers and I am also going to encourage them to write (we speak more with the body)

(4) From what you have seen so far, what, in your opinion, are the strongest points of this platform for the youngest in terms of skill development and personal improvement?

Well, first of all, it is a platform that helps and encourages you to write, and by doing this it stimulates the analysis of things more, something that other networks do not have, and at the same time, it makes reading not so heavy, and it is also easy to view.

Thank you @AstridTells !