A wise man. My best model


My father...my best model

Like most men with years of experience, he always had a message to give and advice to follow,

He could spend hours reading or solving cucrigrams or Sudokos.
This made him a man of great wisdom who knew how to guide his 8 children along the path of good.
He was a man of solid foundation who earned the love and respect of many.
He did not need to go to school to know everything about life.
His humility, charisma and dedication made him a wise and beloved man.

Photo: Personal
Partial solar eclipse from the Netherlands - Thursday 10 June '21
Partial solar eclipse 10 - 6 - 21 - We can look forward again to a beautiful natural phenomenon! Thursday 10 June 2021 around half past 1 in the afternoon there is a partial solar eclipse to be seen. It's just a little one, just over 15% of the sun will be shielded by the moon sliding in front of it, but it will be visible by the clear weather. Please note: DO NOT LOOK RIGHT IN THE SUN WITHOUT ECLIPS - glasses!!! I remember years ago in the Netherlands we had a complete solar eclipse. That was bizarre. At that time we thought that watching through a CD protected your eyes enough, but that doesn't seem to be enough.! It got a lot darker, the birds became completely quiet and there seemed to be some kind of total silence falling, and the temperature dropped significantly. I still see myself, with my parents in the garden, there was a son of friends from Canada with us. He would stay for a few days to do the laundry, but he stayed for more than 2 weeks because it was so nice! Anyway, the solar eclipse or Eclipse: The Earth rotates around its axis in 24 hours, the Moon rotates around the Earth and the Earth rotates around the Sun in a year. The moon always stands with the same side to the Earth, because the orbit of the moon around the Earth lasts as long as it rotates around its own axis, namely 29.5 days! If you visualize these rotational movements, then you understand that the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are aligned every now and then. Next Thursday the moon will stand between the earth and the sun and that will give a partial eclipse of the sun. An Eclipse. The moon ensures that a piece of the sun is not visible for a short time. Since it's only a small part this time, we'll notice little. The power of the sun remains large enough. For photographers with a strong grey filter (10 stops) there is a chance to photograph the eclipse nicely! And with good eclipse glasses you can also see the phenomenon with your own eyes. I have the image of the globe from
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