Poetry contest: 2000 YP prize


Would you like to help grow a space for poetry lovers here on Yoors? Are you keen to share your own original creation in verse with other Yoorsies? This is your chance to do it... and receive some Yoors love in the process! As a way to support poets and their work on this platform, as well as to give back some love to the wonderful Yoors community, I am launching a poetry contest open to all members, regardless of the language they write in and no matter the format or topic they choose. And you can enter even if this is the first poem you write.

There are only three rules:


It must be an original

That means you wrote it yourself and it has not been shared here on Yoors before this contest.


English version needed

Automatic translation by Yoors is enough, but if you have the chance to edit that translation a bit it will be even better.


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Hit the 50/50 button so that more members hear of this contest and hopefully feel encouraged to participate.

Ah, and since this is a contest, there must be a minimum of 2 participants.

All you need to do, then, is to follow the rules listed above and create a new post on your own profile with the poem you want to share. After that, drop the link to that post in the comments below. It's that simple!

Submissions will be accepted until Friday 9 October, and on Monday 12 October I will announce the winner. While every poem shared will receive 20YP from me, the poet who writes the winning piece will receive an additional 2000 YP.


There is currently a booster with 61 small prizes of 10YP still left to award to posts that participate in the #poetry pool - and comments made on those posts - whenever they get a heart. So, if in addition to entering this content you feel like joining the competition in the #poetry pool as well, you'll have that as an added bonus.

How WILL the winner BE chosen?

The winning entry will be selected by me, based on personal judgement and taste. Yes, a very subjective criterion, I know. But it is also the easiest for me to implement at the moment.

Happy writing, and have fun!

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