Postures also called poses... #yoorsnovember #pose

With pose I immediately think of an attitude but in French it also means the placement of a floor covering (Je pose de la moquette) and in the English language pose also means a treasure chest or hidden stock (pose of silver and treasures) so let those hearts (YPs) come to replenish my treasure chest here because it's pretty empty... (see picture..)


Pose in Dutch:

  • Adopted attitude
  • presumptuous attitude
  • Adopting a body position
  • Adpostive way of doing
  • Admistation
  • Air
  • Studied attitudes
  • Cent (I have no pose = do not have a penny)
  • Weightfulness
  • Posture
  • Body posture
  • Body position
  • Way of doing
  • Beautiful posture
  • Unnatural attitude