My birthday present to Mónica

You all know @Mónica. She lives in South Africa, but she has Portuguese roots. We have been speaking a lot, mostly in Portuguese, and this has made our friendship grow. I wanted so much to meet her. How? I had no portal to South Africa.

One day, she introduced Makayla, her daughter. I asked Makyla if she could help and we checked her interests. There! She had just what I needed for my cheating-distance trip: a portal. She likes to build cute legos that later she puts on the Internet.

Then arrived Gabriella. Speaking with her, I learned she likes to make drawings of people and of realistic things. Another portal!

Lacking no portals at all, I could now think about my visit. That´s exactly what I did. When I arrived, the entire house was admiring a very difficult puzzle. They like doing puzzles as a family activity, but apparently, most of them had given up on this one and only Mónica had the patience to finish it. Her husband, a friendly man I didn´t know before, gave me a welcome gift immediately: he told me he liked Portugal so much, that they were considering living here, later.

This felt like cosy.

Turning to Mónica, I asked her if she had a technique for making puzzles; she´s so good at it! But she smiled and told me patience was her technique. Somehow, that smile made me understand she knew this information had put me out of the game; I´m not patient.

Then Mónica asked her husband and Makyla to show me the garden, while she and Gabriella stayed inside. I started hearing noises of cutlery and crockery clashing. After a while, Gabriella appeared. With a big, happy smile, she stretched out a paper. My special portal! A drawing of my face she had made earlier when I told them about the visit, a portal only I could use!

Mónica, on the other hand, continued inside clashing things. When she came out, she carried a tray with a treat for me: a beautiful china coffee service (I love coffee) and a wonderful chocolate cake (I also love chocolate) Makyla had done especially for my visit. We all sat under the positive tree Mónica had posted about and talked the evening away. She told me her birthday was coming, and I immediately decided to post about my visit after, as a way of thanking her. That moment, a wonderful thing happened: the tree released another heart shaped leaf right in front of us.

The tree was also welcoming me.

Such a special thing had happened, just because I had made friends on Yoors.


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My art is Tattoo.
My Passion, My Work, My Day to Day, Thank you to my clients, for the trust you always give me, without you any of this was possible. . One way to inspire me and leave my mark on people is to make these designs that my clients ask for, this more than a tattoo is a feeling of every person who expresses it through their skin
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The moment I got into the top 20.
Video creator contest. - Top 20 made me shake! A competition was organized by the creators of the game “NARAKA: Bladepoint” The assignment was very simple, play the game and make a video of it. Of course, I took this simple task very seriously! During the video editing I already came to my first obstacle. We were only allowed to use music from the game itself! Sounds like a simple thing, but it certainly isn't. Because music in game itself is usually not pure, you always hear background sounds from in the game! (wind, water, fights in the distance, etc. ) You could only play the game a limited duration, so I simply didn't have the time to record music. But then I did something risky! I went to dig into the files of the game itself. This isn't necessarily something you're not supposed to do, but it's something that most game-makers don't like because you can find things like unpublished things of the future of the game. So what should remain secret. Fortunately for me, my intentions were not to start finding secret things, but simply simple to find the music of the game itself. It was a hassle but in the end I found everything and this gave me MUCH more freedom in the editing! Here I went, I mounted the video as best I could and took out all the best triumph cards I could with the tools I had. And sent my video to the creators. I waited in suspense. Then the forum came up with the top 20 and there I was then: 3 Now it boils down to the voices. I am already super happy and proud to have reached the top 20! It's given me such a big self-confidence boost! Who knows I'll get it now in the top 3, we'll see ^^ Indien je me wilt helpen bij deze wedstrijd voel je dan vrij om op me te stemmen hier: ( Op de 11de plaats " That time I *ALMOST* got 3 wins in a row! | [Naraka: Bladepoint] " ) Door op ''Kudo'' te duwen en dan ''verzenden'' onderaan.   Video Contest - Top 20 -