Abundance. What does it mean for you? Write me in the comment ;) #qa 

A few days ago I wrote a post about sea bestows me with presents of its own kind - seafood. I did not have to do a thing, except listen to a smell of wind and salt in the air training to push me toward the rope, on whom was a fish trap on the other end.

You can check the story yourself on the link below, but the point is...... I also wrote about my suspects about neighborhood octopuses living in the bay, stealing and eating fish from our trap, but having no problems getting herself out! Intelligent sea alien, if you ask me! #seacreatures #octopus 

Today we got her on the act while having her early morning snack from the trap. Now she's in the freezer with the future of the tasteful salad. Also, they live only one year! Take a look at the photo to see and notice her size, how big she grows from the beginning of 2021.? Meaning, she was living in an abundance of life! Now sea transfers that abundance into my life, in a form of a free meal, and I accepted it with gratitude :D Thank you, Sea once again!

Happy hunting to you all, have a nice and beautiful day!
Peace out,

Sencierusly Yours,
Child of Nature #childofnature

Guess what did I find in my fish trap? :D