Rudolf the reindeer making a bottle, decopatch and with lights!

A special idea of reuse. Suitable for a beautiful decoration at home or as a nice gift! And with the question of whether you can decopatch a bottle? Yes, it certainly can. You can see this below atIneke who also has the taste of decopatchen! Do you read along?


What do you need?

- Glass bottle

- Lamp light/ LED lighting cord

- Decopatch paper, glue, brush (Urban Craft Factory)

- Antlers (twigs)

- Red nose-christmas ball

- Eyelets

- Felt 2 colours (meaningful crafts)

- Felt glue Collall

- Glue gun

How do you make it?

1. Never throw away a glass bottle with a special shape! Save

it! Maybe you can do some more with it!

2. Two girls already had a beautiful paper mâché

Rudolph (containing slightly) decopatch. This is what I wanted for myself

Well. But I didn't have any more.

3. In this glass bottle I saw (with some imagination) a cup of a

reindeer. 😁

4. I first painted the bottle with white acrylic paint from Creall. The

Decopatch paper is so thin and so the colors look more beautiful.

5. My stock of decopatchvellen is not so large (see for a

very extensive collection on the site of TrixxCreatief). I have chosen

for a yellow sheet with a small motif for the nose. Of these I have

pieces torn and these pieces I put in half an oval shape on the

bottle pasted.

6. Then I have 1 dark brown sheet, 1 lighter brown sheet with motif

and one brown sheet with gold motif selected.

7. I started to paste this also neatly oval around it, but

I stopped again and I'm nice all brown mixed up


8. From a decopatchvel with eyelets I cut 1 pair and also glued

with decopatch glue.

9. Now I'm done sticking. But just an extra layer

Decopatch glue for a beautiful shine and that completes it.

10. Then I made out of an old plastic Christmas wreath 2 golden twigs

(antlers) and a red half ball (nose).

11. I attached antlers and nose with a glue gun.

12. Then I put a light string (on batteries) in the bottle.

13. I drew a shape from the loose wrist on paper. So that the ears

fall right around the corner of the bottle.

4 shapes, 2 large (outer ear) and 2 slightly smaller (inside ear).

14. Then I cut the shapes out of the paper and felt on the sheets

of Meaningfull Crafts laid out and cut out.

Inside ear I glued to the outside ear with felt glue from Collall.

15. Then I also glued the whole ear to the bottle with a glue gun.






Nice stuff in the Rudolf the reindeer theme!

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