Rural Cleanup Day!

Rural Cleanup Day!

People say a better world starts with yourself!

There's a lot of truth in that... things don't change all of a sudden, but step by step you can improve a situation.

But you have to clean up the mess behind you every day, right? Yes, it is, but it doesn't hurt to bring it to your attention. When you look around you outside, you notice that there is a huge amount of litter. In addition to the fact that it gives an unkempt impression, it also puts nature and the animals that live there at risk.

Learning young is done old. By making our children aware of their environment, they can learn to take responsibility for their behavior. A change begins with an awareness of something you do and what you let. You also work on the social connection with your neighbourhood and the people who live there, which also helps to be involved and sociable with your neighbourhood and neighbours.

This way of life and being conscious is also calledzero waste.

You can ask yourself two things:

1. How can you adjust your lifestyle so that you create less waste?

2. And how can I deal with this waste and give it a second life?

The Cleanup Day is focused on the neighbourhood or environment in which you live, go to school etc. By asking attention nationally, and thus investing, you tackle the litter problem together.

Children not only learn that you keep nature tidy, but it's also very good to know that you don't have to throw away a lot of material but can recycle it.

In short, enough reason to work with each other, with your neighborhood or with your class, every bet is worth it! With a garbage picker/gripper and garbage bag you can go a long way. Inform via the website about the possibilities! See below the clickable link to the website!

On the website: you can also get free posters to draw attention to this and draw attention to them to participate!

These pictures are from guest parent Ineke van der Linde. Ineke tells: We do this every 2 months and have received stuff from Rova and Supporter van Schoon. We do it sometimes spontaneously and briefly and sometimes on a holiday/study day complete with scavenger hunt and games picnic on the go.

What else can you do with this valuable Cleanup Day?

It is good to know that this Cleaning Day for children can be part of a piece of awareness. You can build on this theme even further by paying attention to recycling. Perhaps you are already paying attention to it by collecting separate waste. And by consciously dealing with what you may or may not throw away.

To be aware of what you can do with materials I have here a lot of fun craft tips that you as they call them are made with free material. Hopefully you will find a lot of inspiration here and you will remain aware of the need to reuse materials.

After all, you give material a second life again!

For inspiration, you can read this blog in which I tell you about applications with waste plastic. And how to hostIneke van der Linde inspires her children to be a Supporter of Schoon.

Read the blog here: Plastic cleaning and crafting

Recycle plastic bottles and make a big doll. {Toy Bank Amsterdam}

Photo on the right: making feeding houses from milk carton and branches. { }

A robot made of cardboard, screws and free material. {www. }

Picture on the right: a dog made of toilet rolls and a plastic bottle.


Paper reuse:

You can make beautiful things by rolling paper from magazines or leaflets. On the left you see a beautiful painting: this is made by Eline

On the right you see a picture showing a silhouette that is filled with paper rolls.

This is how you do it:Draw a silhouette, for example, from your favorite animal, on a piece of cardboard. Then cut strips of colored paper from old magazines and magazines and paste them neatly inside the contours of your drawing. This way you can create a beautiful work of art for your own room or to give a gift. Cheap craft tip from Speelgoedbank Amsterdam for children and parents.

Art made by Eline.

This plastic art is all made of waste by itself. The children in the nursing parent care ofIneke van der Lindemade these creative ideas.

A marble court made of painted kitchen rolls is, of course, very nice!

Click here if you want to make this too!

A dog puppet is of course also super fun to make kitchen roll/toilet rolls. Source: education and so on .

Empty Tissue boxes are sample boxes with teeth.. Source: by Krista Johnson

Old cans and leftovers of wallpaper and you make your own storage for pens and the like. Source:

Making a nice piggy bank is also an option for an empty bottle. Source: Miss Jannie

Do you want to make this too? Click here

Beautiful fantasy animals can also be made with some nice caps and some materials from the craft box!Source: Doenkids

Do you want to make this too? Click here

Blogs about creative recycling ideas!

How Works #Knutselen with empty plastic bottles?

An educational book about the plastic soup in the ocean. By Annemarie van den Brink.

Look at the book here.

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Photo header: Rural Cleanup Day website . Photo waste: Pixabay

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