Salty Memory cookies

With the theme Bakker, you can also play memory! This is no ordinary memory.. no! It's a memory game made of salt dough cookies! Sweet dough cookies look very much like real cookies, but then they are hard and really not edible! Making the salty biscuits alone is a fun activity itself. And when the memory game is finished, you can play a memory game with it, by placing the images upside down and then finding the sets together. Memory so!

In the classroom or a group of children (party or school) you can also hand out the cookies. That's how the kids have to find the same biscuits together. Useful if you have to have random couples, for example to do a piece of work together! In short, the memory cookies are versatile, and super fun if you really discuss the theme Bakker!


Miss Larissa sent these pictures to us, she used it in class and it was a real success! The children liked to play with “real cookies”.

She had plucked the images that Miss Larissa had put on her cookies from the Internet. Of course we can not just place them here because of copyright. That's why we have made our own file here with nice bakery plates. You are free to print these printables and use them for your cookies!


How to make salt dough?

You can easily make the salt dough from 3 parts flour, 1 part salt and 1 part warm water. So, ratio 3/1/1. Possibly a little (tablespoon) salad oil/sunflower oil/olive oil

You can also color the salt dough!

  • Add nutrient dye. To make brown you can also use cocoa
  • Add a little bit of sticky paint (e.g. a drop of brown and orange)
  • Color the water you add first with crepe paper

Method Memory cookies:

  • Make salt dough and roll it into an even slice of approx. 1cm
  • With a nice stitch shape (cutter) you can stick all the cookies out of the dough.
  • Bake the cookies in the oven for 2 hours at 100 degrees
  • Cut out the images and paste them on the bottom of the cookies
  • Finishing with glossy varnish