Le'ts save the planet by reusing our old clothes!


Let's save the planet by reusing our old clothes!

It is no secret to anyone that the textile industries create pollution and even more so when fashion is temporary, we must give our clothes a useful life, if something no longer fits you can transform it into something different, or also by donating the clothes to people without home.

I brought you these helpful tips on how to give your old clothes a second life.

1 Transform our jeans or jeans into shorts or shorts.

2 Make a top from a T-shirt, shirt or sweater.

3 Recycle an old dress into a skirt.

4 Use a man's shirt to make a girl's dress.

5 Make cushions with garments that we no longer use.

And do you know more tips? You are free to tell me in the comments other useful ways to give old clothes a second life.

It is important to take care of our planet since it is where we live. Let's be more aware and before throwing something in the trash, let's think, Can I give it another use?

Let's save the planet!