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Spring in the sphere and need an original family portrait?That has been the thought of this fun craft! Spring makes us all a little more cheerful and then you will get energy for a fun craft!

Chantal Britt Demi made a beautiful family portrait.. with sheep!!


What do you need for this?

- large white paper or a canvas cloth

- Print out the cutting plate

- paint

- cotton wool

- coloured paper


- Wiebel oogjes



This plate can be used as a cutting plate template.

Save this image to a folder on your computer first!

After that, you can start printing!

How do you make it?

1. Paint matchsticks with green paint and grass strips.

2. Allow the sticks to dry

3. Paint the paper or canvas as shown in the picture blue and green. Let it dry.

4. Make 4 sheep, in different sizes with cotton wool glued on them. Stick them to the grass area with glue.

4. Create a sun on a round yellow piece of paper with Play Corn

5. Stick the sun on the painting and make a few clouds of waddies

6. And ready is your beautiful family portrait!

Sheep inspiration!

How does it work #Wollie Crafting the sheep?

#Voorjaarsdecoratie /Easter egg pot/sheep for #Pasen #knutselen

Sheep, sheep, do you have any white wool?

Color and cutting plates of a sheep

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