At Ingrid's invitation Z

At Ingrid's invitation


The sky was clean and the moon was showing a special glow when they started their walk.

It was her turn to choose and she knew where to take him.

They walked side by side, first on the sidewalk and then on the gravel.

He asked where they were going, but she didn’t answer. Later on he repeated the question.

She asked him in return whether or not he trusted her. He paused for a moment and replied that trust was something different for him.

How different, she asked and he replied that trust concerned the normality of life, which was different from leaving the city behind at night without the possibility of taking public transport back home.

He added they had not brought their mobiles with them.

She smiled, gently shaking her head. “Oh Peter”, she sighed! “How can you not know me after all this time?” Feeling a stranger to himself he replied that they had only been together for a few months.

She said time was a relative concept, but trust was not. Staring at her he strangely felt sorry for his cat and for his bike leaning against the front wall of his house. He realised how much he had not paid attention before, but wondered if it would have made any difference at all.

He also realised it was too late for that kind of thoughts, because she pointed forward and her eyes sparkled.

She told him that this was the place and explained why she had chosen him and what was going to happen.


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