In the Kruger Park there were, of course, completely enclosed areas. The visitors resting areas. There we were free to walk, among delicious cabins (small cottages) run, or just lie on the grass. That was the very first time in my life I dared walk barefoot. At least the first time I remember doing so without being on the beach or at home. The pleasure I felt was indescribable! The pleasure of doing something almost prohibited; the delicious crushing of the fresh grass under my feet!

I also remember those almost magical mornings, when we ran, (we were four kids) barefoot, towards the house to stuff our bellies: the entire trip, I made a point of eating, for breakfast, the succulent English breakfast: I filled my plate with delicious sausages, French fries and a very perfect fried egg, never busted. I started my day feeling my belly was almost bursting, but this didn´t bother me at all.

For as long as I live, I will never forget the freedom and the happiness I felt there, in those days in the wild.

During this trip we also visited other beautiful places of South Africa, but I was little, so I forgot some of them. For instance, I know we have been to the Table Mountain, because it seems to have impressed my family a lot.