Steamed Indian cupcakes - Bolu kukus

I am of Indonesian descent myself. From that I made Indian authentic dishes from a very small time. Here I want to share delicious cupcakes with you!

5 eggs
250 gr flour
175 ml 7up or Sprite
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
250 gr crystal sugar
Flavours: I used mocha and strawberry.

Steam pan
Cups (solid otherwise it collapses through the steam)
3 trays

The preparation:

Step 1
Fill the steam pam well with water. Tie a tea towel around the lid and place the lid on the steam pan. Put the heat to the highest setting, until the water boils.
(The tea towel is due to moisture from the steam).

Step 2
Divide 5 egg yolks and 4 proteins in a mixing bowl. After that, add 250 gr of granulated sugar and 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, this may then be mixed until it is a thick mass.

Step 3
Sift 250gr flour and slowly add it to the mixing bowl until smooth.

Step 4
Now the 175 ml Sprite or 7up can be poured into the mixing bowl and then mixed until it is 1 whole.

Step 5
Take 3 small trays and divide the batter into them. After that, add the taste of preference! (I used mocha and strawberry).
Divide the batter over the cups.

Step 6
The steam pan has become well hot. Put the filled cups in carefully and let the heat rise high with the lid for approx. 40min. (It is important not to cheat because of roses opening).

Step 7
Now they can look and you can see if the cupcakes have jumped open like roses!
Let them cool for about 15min. And enjoy it! #Recept #eten #genieten #inspiratie #inspiration #bakken #inhetbloed #eetbare #rozen #Nederland #idee #lockdown #recept #delen